GFF files coming out of our reannotation efforts
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GFF files that are the output of taking RNA-seq data through a Trinity/Augustus pipeline.

#Crude method overview Libraries were made from tissues of adult virgin males and females collected 2-5 days post eclosion. Carcass and germline tissue libraries were prepped and sequence separately and sequenced in 4-plex using Illumina barcodes. Further methods are available in Rogers et al. 2014.


We are working on describing our methods via explicit scripts/examples here. That is a work in progress.

To build the GFF files, FASTQ files from all sexes, tissues, and replicates were concatenated before running through our pipeline.


Users should cite Rogers et al. 2014 "Sex-biased expression in the Drosophila melanogaster group" available as a preprint in ArXiv.