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Thoughtworks incubator

This is our sandbox GitHub organization for short-term experiments. For our main Github organisation, please visit @thoughtworks.

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  1. Binding.scala Binding.scala Public

    Reactive data-binding for Scala

    Scala 1.6k 108

  2. DeepLearning.scala DeepLearning.scala Public

    A simple library for creating complex neural networks

    Scala 763 89

  3. DeepDarkFantasy DeepDarkFantasy Public

    A Programming Language for Deep Learning

    Haskell 461 49

  4. cd4ml-workshop cd4ml-workshop Public

    Repository with sample code and instructions for "Continuous Intelligence" and "Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning: CD4ML" workshops

    Jupyter Notebook 311 365

  5. Dsl.scala Dsl.scala Public

    A framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala

    Scala 256 30

  6. each each Public

    A macro library that converts native imperative syntax to scalaz's monadic expressions

    Scala 254 27


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