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jodastephen commented Dec 11, 2012

Ensure that the generics used are correct. This is specifically focussed on extends/super.

For example, the Chrono static comparators should perhaps use extends.


jodastephen commented Jan 31, 2013

I've examined the generics on the temporal classes twice now. It isn't possible to enhance their generics without making a terrible mess. Because Java doesn't have the Self-type generic, or the notional of parameter self-type generic where the class is final, and because LocalDate extends ChronoLocalDate, it is more or less impossible to go further than we have. This is unfortunate, but there you go.

The call remains open to check ? extends and ? super.


jodastephen commented Feb 1, 2013

TemporalUnit <R extends Temporal> long between(R dateTime1, R dateTime2); has no effect on callers. It doesn't do what I'd like it to do. Needs to be ungenerified.


RogerRiggs commented Feb 1, 2013

It should insist that the parameters are of the same/compatible types.
What is it not doing?


jodastephen commented Feb 1, 2013

This compiles, rather than being a compile error:

 Instant i = ...
 ZonedDateTime z = ...
 between(i, z)

RichardWarburton commented Feb 2, 2013

It only insists that they have a common supertype that subclasses temporal
I think.


RogerRiggs commented Feb 2, 2013

It makes sense to remove the generics, they are more useful in the case where the return type is related to the parameters.


RogerRiggs commented Feb 3, 2013

The generics should be removed from Chronology.getAvailableChronologies(). The raw types are just as useful.


jodastephen commented Feb 3, 2013

I don't think we should have raw types in API signatures. I would have thought there was a JDK/Oracle policy against it.

ijuma commented Feb 3, 2013

It would be very odd for a brand new API to have raw types in API signatures in my opinion.


RichardWarburton commented Feb 3, 2013

Quite a few people compile with warnings switched on for raw types, this
would generate a lot of warnings for me. Perhaps a simple ? wildcard would
be a better solution if you're leaving generics in.


jodastephen commented Mar 23, 2013

Chronology returns raw types for ChronoLocalDate which needs fixing.


RogerRiggs commented Jan 21, 2014

Nothing more to do on this.

@RogerRiggs RogerRiggs closed this Jan 21, 2014

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