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An interactive chessboard UI built with React and Redux.
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React Redux Chess

Build Status


An interactive chessboard built with React and Redux.
See demo on Heroku.


This is a pet project to practice and improve my front-end development skills.
Full story available on my blog.


$ git clone
$ cd react-redux-chess
$ npm install

Built with

  • react - a JavaScript library for building user interfaces
  • react-dnd - Drag and Drop for React
  • redux - a predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • reselect - selector library for Redux
  • Immutable - immutable JavaScript objects
  • styled-components - a convenient way to style components with CSS
  • storybook - an UI development environment
  • jest - zero configuration testing platform for JavaScript

PNG files of chess pieces are from Wikimedia Commons.


  • Chessboard UI
  • Pieces
  • Initialise board with pieces
  • Set up Redux
  • Improve app structure
  • Move pieces with drag-and-drop
  • Active color indicator
  • Implement chess rules
    • Should not be able to move to current square
    • Can only move pieces with active color
    • Restrict move possibilities based on piece type
      • rook
      • knight
      • bishop
      • queen
      • king
      • pawn
    • Pieces can't move on a square occupied by own color
    • Pieces can't jump above other pieces (except knights)
    • King can't move to an attacked square
    • Handle 'En passant' capture
    • Castling
    • Checkmate
  • Start a new game
  • Move to previous / next move
  • Highlight last move
  • Game moves displayed in PGN format
  • Go back to a previous position by clicking the PGN

Development process

  • Hand-made sketches
  • UI presentational components developed in isolation with Storybook
  • TDD with unit testing (Jest)
  • All changes in



$ npm run storybook

Then visit http://localhost:9009/

Unit tests

$ npm run test

ESLint (eslint-config-react-app)

$ npm run lint


A demo is deployed on heroku using create-react-app-buildpack.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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