A wrapper for the Stromer e-bike API
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Stromer API for Node JS

This NPM package provides a wrapper for the Stromer e-bike API. By using this package you can get your bike's status, position and much more.


yarn add stromer-api


npm install stromer-api --save


const Stromer = require('stromer-api');

const api = new Stromer({
username: "xxxxx",
password: "xxxxxx",
client_id: "xxxxxxx",
client_secret: "xxxxxxx"

api.bike.state.get().then(state => console.log(state));

Client id & secret

I can not share the Stromer client id & secret. However, it should be pretty easy to obtain them by using a tool like mitmproxy while using an official Stromer app.


Once you've initiated the API, it's pretty easy to get all the info you need. All methods are async, so you can either use async await or use promises.

Let's say you've initiated the API like I did above:

Method Returns
api.bike.state.get(cached = false) The state of your bike (battery info, FW version, temperatures, ...)
api.bike.position.get(cached = false) The position of your bike
api.bike.serviceInfo.get() Technical details of all your bike parts (not in official app)
api.bike.settings.get() Get all settings
api.bike.settings.getMainSettings() Get main settings (auto lock, ...)
api.bike.settings.getSensorSettings() Get torque and brake sensor settings
api.bike.settings.getTuningSettings() Get tuning settings for preset 2
api.bike.settings.set(data) Change a setting, pass data as an object
api.bike.light.set(mode = flash) Flash the front light
api.bike.lock() Lock your bike
api.bike.unlock() Unlock your bike


Many thanks to merstro on StromerForum.nl for the initial Python code!


Use at your own risk!