A Theme Manager for MantisBT.
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MantisBT Theme Manager

A Theme Manager for MantisBT, the free web-based bugtracking system.

2012 by http://tim-pietrusky.de


0.0.1 (20120619)

In Action



  1. Download
  2. Unpack
  3. Rename the unpacked folder TimPietrusky-MantisThemeManager-xxxxxxx to MantisThemeManager
  4. Copy the MantisThemeManager folder to <mantis-root>/plugins/
  5. Go to Manage / Manage Plugins and hit the Install action for MantisBT Theme Manager
  6. Click on the MantisBT Theme Manager x.x.x link to open the choose a theme page

How to use

Follow the Instructions on the MantisBT Theme Manager page.


MantisBT is a ☆ ✪ ★ rockstar

rockstar theme for MantisBT


<Your theme>

Please create a pull request or issue or what ever to add your theme to the list.

How to submit a theme

  1. Your theme should have a unique name like mytheme
  2. Name your css default.css and drop it under mytheme/default.css
  3. Create a preview image of your theme, name it mytheme.png and drop it under mytheme/mytheme.png
  4. Create what ever subfolders you like (e. g. mytheme/img for images used in your default.css)


  • Create a web page which is dedicated to themes


Licensed under VVL 1.33b7 which means this work is free for all, so use it as you like.