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Registration System

volkswagen status Bild passt

This system was developed for the computer science students union at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to organise our annual freshers weekend trips. Since the attendance grew over the years, we needed a powerful system that helps managing the registrations (including a waiting list) and finances.

Props go to


  • multiple innovative methods for the signup process
  • powerful management of registrations
  • waiting list mode (if trip limit is already reached)
  • eastereggs
  • countdown till official registration opening
  • automatic emails and status tracking for registrations
  • backend user management
  • export of different helpful lists for use during the trip
  • take notes in the backend
  • email export selection based on a multitude of parameters
  • cost planning
  • precisely spreading expenses over individual registrations
  • calculation of specific amounts to pay back to everybody

Demo of the RPG registration mode


Check the guides in the wiki: