@TimTree TimTree released this Nov 17, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Bonus Features

  • Adds Game Leaper, which lets you leap back to every checkpoint you've reached. Try to find every scene!
  • Updates and reformats Q&A
  • Adds in-game timer to Beat the Creator
  • Adds Escape a Tower Box Art, which features box art made for a psychology class
  • Moves Version History to the Bonus Features list
  • Revises and reformats some of the Recommend Games
  • Retires Guide to Web Design (wasn't useful) and Try This! (replaced with Game Leaper)

Game Script

  • Corrects grammar in various places
  • Worsens grammar in other places...
  • Adds some additional game scenes (check the trivia game and the guard meeting room)
  • Revises a scene in a certain area that confused most players
  • Adds quotes to a certain person so the text is less confusing

Quality of Life

  • Adds ability to unlock Bonus Features without beating the game
  • Adds link to the PowerPoint version history
  • Hides save-related functions if your browser cannot use save data
  • Moves "Delete Save Data" from bottom of version history to the How to Use page
  • Hides the "Bonus Features unlocked" text if you beat the game after the first time
  • Removes the game's Ancient version. The main version now supports the older browsers.

Under the Hood

  • Organizes game into separate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Refactors several functions so the code is easier to read
  • Switches to JSON-based local storage for better save management
  • Adds feature detection. The game now informs you if your browser cannot use some features (or run the game at all).
  • Fixes game-breaking bugs when playing the downloaded game on Microsoft Edge and Safari
  • Works around a font issue on Safari 12
  • Fixes ? bug on Netscape

Note: Save data from versions 2.4.3 and earlier are no longer compatible.

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