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V16.12.1 is ready for testing

  • There have been many reports that this version crashes intermittently even though for some people it seems to work fine. See Issue #56 Version 16.1 is your safest bet for a good stable version with no critical bugs. If you have experienced a crash please chime in on this issue! Anything you tell us (like that no one has told us what printer config they have) might be helpful.
  • uses the originally sdcard library (test it, if you have issues like "Tried printing out of printing area")
  • invert rotation direction of any axis without the need to re-compile (new menu "Motion Settings -> Invert axis")
  • dual versions: separate steps/mm for the second extruder (this is "experimental" / needs more tests)
Dec 28, 2016
Ultimaker2plus-dual added
Mar 20, 2016
small fix for usb printing