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Releases: TinkerGnome/Ultimaker2Marlin

Tinker V19.03.1

10 Mar 16:59
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Tinker V19.03.1 Pre-release
  • fix a bug in power budget when build plate is in bang-bang mode
  • add material load function to the MOVE menu

Tinker V18.11.1

17 Nov 16:17
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Tinker V18.11.1 Pre-release

This is a maintenance release and needs to be tested.

Tinker V17.10.1

19 Oct 20:13
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Bugfix for the first run wizard, step 17 (material insert) can not be completed

Tinker V17.10

07 Oct 17:48
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No fancy new features this time. This binary release contains the latest fixes and pull requests:

...and probably a few more that I forgot...

Tinker V17.02.1 - Testing

19 Feb 20:22
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Pre-release for testing purposes:

  • this version contains the power limiter by @gr5
  • please test it, if you have stability problems with one of the previous versions (16.03 or later)
  • don't change the default power budget values in the beginning, but report back, if this version improves the stability for you: (issue #56)

Thank's for contributing!

Tinker V16.12.1 (NOT STABLE! Scroll down to 16.1 for stable release)

04 Jan 23:33
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V16.12.1 is ready for testing

  • There have been many reports that this version crashes intermittently even though for some people it seems to work fine. See Issue #56 Version 16.1 is your safest bet for a good stable version with no critical bugs. If you have experienced a crash please chime in on this issue! Anything you tell us (like that no one has told us what printer config they have) might be helpful.
  • uses the originally sdcard library (test it, if you have issues like "Tried printing out of printing area")
  • invert rotation direction of any axis without the need to re-compile (new menu "Motion Settings -> Invert axis")
  • dual versions: separate steps/mm for the second extruder (this is "experimental" / needs more tests)

Tinker V16.08.2

04 Sep 09:05
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As promised: more bugs are fixed (hopefully) - but i don't own all these models
Testers are welcome....

  • "Pause" / "Change Material" (mid print) and "Abort" should work now as intended
  • Cancellation of "Change / Insert Material" works (again)
  • added a missing acknowledge for move commands during USB printing (reduced probability of timeouts)

Tinker V16.08.1

19 Aug 21:21
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There are some reported issues for this version.
E.g.: the pause function and material change during print is broken...
You can still test it, if you want - or stick to V16.03.1 at the moment.

This is a bugfix release, no new amazing features this time... 😄
Renamed to 16.08 - as time goes by...
It contains the latest changes from Ultimaker and i tried to fix the following issues.
But it needs some testers now...:

Tinker V16.03.1

08 Apr 18:44
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  • for all "Octoprinters": fully functional print menu during usb communication
  • some small bugfixes for the dual extruder version
  • additional variants for the "plus" models and for the UM2go with heated bed


02 Jan 12:10
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  • bundle of small bugfixes
  • new menu for PID autotune (Advanced -> Preferences -> Temperature control)