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TinkerTools is a suite of software packages for molecular modeling & simulation. Visit our community website for users and developers at "".


  1. tinker Public

    Tinker: Software Tools for Molecular Design

    Fortran 110 57

  2. tinker9 Public

    Tinker9: Next Generation of Tinker with GPU Support

    C++ 44 23

  3. tinker-hp Public

    Tinker-HP: High-Performance Massively Parallel Evolution of Tinker on CPUs & GPUs

    C 65 20

  4. tinker-ffe Public

    Tinker-FFE: Molecular Engineering GUI for Tinker

    Java 9 1

  5. poltype2 Public

    Poltype 2: Automated Parameterization and Free Energy Prediction for AMOEBA

    Python 23 10

  6. tinkerdoc Public

    TinkerDoc: Documentation for Tinker Software Packages

    Python 1


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