A Visual Studio Code Extension to provide some tools for Unity development
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Unity Tools for Visual Studio Code

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What this extension is

This is an unofficial extension created by Tobiah Zarlez, and is not affiliated in any way with Unity Technologies.

The goal of this extension is to add miscellaneous functionality to Visual Studio Code for Unity developers.

This extension also acts as an extension package for another Unity related VSCode extension. Specifically, "Unity.unity-debug"

What this extension isn't

This is not a comprehensive set of tools for Unity development, nor does it provide any debugging features.

If you want to debug your Unity projects, I would recommend getting Unity's official debugger for Visual Studio Code.

Can you add XZY feature?

Possibly! Let me know, I'd love to hear your suggestions on what tools you'd like to see added to this collection.

How to install

You can install this extension directly from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P) and copy/paste the following command:

ext install unity-tools

Feature list

Command: Open Documentation for Selection

Use the pallet command "Unity Tools: Open Documentation for Selection" (Cmd+' on OSX or Ctrl+' on Windows and Linux) to open the Unity Documentation for the currently selected class.

Command: Search Documentation

Use the pallet command "Unity Tools: Search Documentation" (Shortcut: Cmd+Shift+' on OSX or Ctrl+Shift+' on Windows and Linux) where you can quickly enter whatever you want to search for.

Command: Search MSDN Documentation

Use the pallet command "Unity Tools: Search MSDN Documentation" where you can enter whatever you want to search the MSDN documentation for.

Command: Open VSCode Documentation

Added the pallet command "Unity Tools: Open VSCode Documentation" to open the Unity Development with VS Code page on the Visual Studio Code Documentation.

Command: Generate Organizational Folders

Added the pallet command "Unity Tools: Generate Organizational Folders" to create some default organizational folders to your project's Assets Folder. The list of default folders are below:

  • Scenes
  • Scripts
  • Prefabs
  • Materials
  • Audio


The Unity-Tools command Generate Organizational Folders can be configured to create a set of folders of your choosing, instead of the 5 default ones: Scenes, Scripts, Prefabs, Materials, and Audio. To do this simply open or create ./.vscode/settings.json and fill in the following fields:

    "unity-tools.defaultOrganizationFolders" : ["Your","New", "Folder","Names"]

You can also enable/disable the "Open Documentation" option in right-click menu by the following setting (default true):

    "unity-tools.enableRightClickSearch" : true

Other resources

Here are some other resources I recommend: