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Tobo's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot
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Tobo's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot.

Please note that this repository is for Red V3. Check out the Tobo-Cogs-V2 repository for V2 cogs.

The V3 branch keeps in line with Red V3 stable (i.e. the latest release). The dev branch keeps in line with the V3/develop branch on Red's repository.


To add this repository, use this command in discord (replace [p] with your bot's prefix):

[p]repo add Tobo-Cogs

To install a cog, use this command (replace [cog] with the name of the cog you wish to install):

[p]cog install Tobo-Cogs [cog]


Support for these cogs is available in the #support_tobo-cogs channel of Red's Cog Support server.


I love new Issues and Pull Requests! If you think something needs to change about a cog, open an issue describing what you'd like to change.

If you feel that you can make changes yourself, I'd appreciate it if you opened the issue anyway, so we can discuss it, then you're welcome to open a pull request. We can also discuss it in the support channel linked above if you prefer.

You're also welcome to fork and modify the cogs, as long as the license is adhered to. However, being an open source project, it's nice when your enhancements and improvements get shared with the community.

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