Matedor Syrup Recipe
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Matédor — Open Mate Syrup

Recipe for Matédor — Open Mate Syrup

In recent years, Club Mate - a sweetened and carbonated version of the beverage from Germany has become popular among hackers and others around the world. Initiatives like Open Mate have created recipes and DIY instructions for Mate soda home brewing. Matédor is an adaptation of Open Mate's recipe to create a syrup for Soda Stream carbonators.


Yields: 4 cups of syrup
· water 4 cups
· .5lb Yerba Mate Loose leaf tea
· 4 cups raw sugar
· 3 tbsp lemon juice
· 1 l water
· 225g Yerba Mate Loose leaf tea
· 900g raw sugar
· 3 tbsp lemon juice


· cook tea for 10 minutes without boiling
· add other ingredients and stir until completely dissolved
· syphon loose leaf tea and fill syrup into container
· carbonate water using Soda Stream
· add 1/4 cup syrup to bottle
· enjoy