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Releases: TokelPlatform/tokel_dapp

v1.4.0 Password Login Functionality

15 Nov 10:09
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It is here! Oh yes 🤩 THE RELEASE which brings more security! 🔐

This release includes Password Login feature.

⭐️ Release functionality ⭐️

  • Allows for the creation of secure wallet files for storing private keys
  • Any wallet files located in $home/.tokel-wallets can be easily accessed
  • Wallets are not in any way tied to the machine (they can be moved to a new device)
  • The password for a wallet can be changed from the settings screen
  • Passwords are salted to help mitigate rainbow-table attacks

⭐️ FAQ ⭐️

  • Can I add password to the existing wallet?
    Yes, you open the app, click on Login with Password and then click add new Wallet -> that will allow you to assign password to your wallet.

  • How do I add password to the newly create wallet? It didn't prompt me to add password.
    You need to go back to login and then click on Login with Password and then click add new Wallet -> that will allow you to assign password to your wallet.


07 Aug 20:44
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Hi there 👋

This release includes some new goodies like token media allowlisting, nSPV upgrades, and adds ability for the dApp to handle tokel:// deeplinks 👀

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v1.3.2...v1.3.3


23 Jun 17:05
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Hi there 👋

This release upgrades the Tokel dApp to work with new features enabled in the June network hard fork, among other minor fixes:

  • Support for receiving tokens on wallet's R-address
  • Support for sending tokens to R-addresses
  • nSPV protocol upgrade
  • Fixed IPFS hash regex that'd cause media to not load in some scenarios

Please update your dApp as soon as possible to be able to interact with the Tokel blockchain!

Alpha 1.3.1 Release - Minor improvements and bugfixes

07 Jun 17:21
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👋 Hi there.

Today's release includes two minor but very important fixes & improvements:

  • If you're having trouble seeing the media of a token with a pure IPFS hash URL, you'll now see a "Open In Gateway" button, to open it in your browser
  • When filling a bid in DEX, you'll no longer see the "not enough TKL error"

Alpha 1.3.0 Release - Tokel DEX: UI for assetsCC interaction

24 May 15:50
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Hi everyone 👋

This is the long awaited alpha release of the Tokel token DEX. This will enable trustless exchanges on-chain, and is a building block in our plan of offering a full-fledge token and NFT marketplace.

The goal of this release is to add an UI/UX layer on top of the CLI functionality of assetsCC, and soon we'll add web capabilities to it as well. 😉

Enjoy, and let us know of any issues you may find!

⭐ Features

  • You can find the DEX now in the dApp menu! You will be able to send bids, post assets for sale, and fulfill orders.

Alpha 1.2.3 Release - Time Lock Updates

11 May 08:58
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Hello everyone 👋🏽

We promised and we are delivering! Thank you to all TKL supporters for helping us kickstart the project and for your continuous contribution. ❤️ This release includes long awaited Time Lock transactions changes. Download this release to see your time lock rewards.

⭐ Features

  • ⌛ Added functionality for displaying time lock transactions
  • 💪🏽 NSPV-js updated to send/receive time lock transactions
  • 💰 The main Dashboard is a Wallet now
  • 📮 Added a widget to display token and TKL addresses at one place
  • 👴🏽 More organised history widget
  • 🔒 New Send Widget which shows the Spendable and Locked amounts depending on whether the user has locked transactions

🐛 Bugs

  • 🪙 Fixed incorrect TKL price on the main view of the dapp
  • 💪🏽 Fixed incorrect TKL amounts for transactions with decimals
  • 📚 Extended transaction value parsing

Alpha 1.2.2 Release - Fix balances for fungible token transactions

16 Mar 19:42
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Hi there 👋

We've been keeping busy with new feature development. So here's a small bugfix release meanwhile 😉

  • The balance of fungible tokens received and sent should be correctly displayed in your wallet now

You can take a look at known bugs here.

Alpha 1.2.1 Release - Bug fixes and stability improvements

03 Feb 15:01
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Hi everyone 👋

This is a minor, but very important release, of the Tokel dApp. It includes lots of bug fixes that the community raised and helped us track down:

  • 📡 nSPV/network connection should work better now, with less timeouts. Let us know!
  • 🖼️ IPFS media for tokens and NFTs should always load now (provided there’s someone broadcasting the file), even if your local IPFS node doesn’t work, as we added a gateway fallback
  • ⛏️ Some wallets containing lots of miner inputs were having problems to login. This should be fixed now.
  • 💸 The fee estimation for token creation in the dApp now accounts for the marker fee as well
  • 💰️ The huge transaction values you see on your activity are fixed now (sorry, I guess?)
  • ✏️ Some typos found and fixed
  • ⛔️ If you create a token with no collection or number, we'll now omit this data from being written the blockchain instead of writing empty fields
  • ⛓️ TKLTEST is gone! Selecting TKLTEST as your network will now default to TKLTEST2 (where we’re testing new exciting stuff)

Thanks to all community members for engaging in raising issues and helping us track them down. We're busy working on new features behind the scenes, but please do let us know of any new shiny bugs for us to hunt. 🐛

You can take a look at known bugs here:

Alpha 1.2.0 Release - Tokel Token Creation Tool

14 Dec 19:14
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The Tokel Dapp, Now With 100% More Token Creation!

⭐️ Features

  • 🎉 Token Creation Tool 🎉 You can now create tokens and NFTs directly from the dApp
  • 🔒 Token media now loads inside an iFrame, for enhanced security

🐛 Bugs

  • Fixed TKLTEST explorer links
  • dApp shows blockchain data with wrong encoding (now you can use special chars in your tokens)
  • Parsing tokenV2createtokel transactions correctly for display in the wallet
  • BigNumber support for nSPVjs and the dApp. This means if you have a large wallet the dApp should work fine for you now 👀
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from switching networks in the dApp

A special thanks 🙌 to all the Tokel Testers who helped us refine the token creation tool and catch bugs before we release 😉 Y'all are awesome.

Alpha 1.1.3 Release - Tokel Token Wallet Updates

23 Nov 09:23
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  • Activity is not always correct
  • Wallet always tried to show media if a token URL is present
  • DateTime issues resolved
  • Bug with blank screen resolved
  • Strange transactions shown to the user bug resolved
  • Returning the correct error when the user tries to send tokens to an R-address instead of a pubkey.
  • Fixed an issue with sending transactions with decimal values
  • nspv-js updated to include latest updates from dimxy


  • Version number shown in the dApp