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PerconaFT is a high-performance, transactional key-value store, used in the TokuDB storage engine for Percona Server and MySQL, and in TokuMX, the high-performance MongoDB distribution.

PerconaFT is provided as a shared library with an interface similar to Berkeley DB.

To build the full MySQL product, see the instructions for Percona/tokudb-engine. To build TokuMX, see the instructions for Percona/percona-server-mongodb. This document covers PerconaFT only.


PerconaFT is built using CMake >= 2.8.9. Out-of-source builds are recommended. You need a C++11 compiler, though only GCC >= 4.7 and Apple's Clang are tested. You also need zlib development packages (yum install zlib-devel or apt-get install zlib1g-dev).

You will also need the source code for jemalloc, checked out in third_party/.

git clone git:// percona-ft
cd percona-ft
git clone git:// third_party/jemalloc
mkdir build
cd build
CC=gcc47 CXX=g++47 cmake \
    -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../prefix/ \
cmake --build . --target install

This will build and and install it, some header files, and some examples to percona-ft/prefix/. It will also build jemalloc and install it alongside these libraries, you should link to that if you are planning to run benchmarks or in production.


PerconaFT is supported on 64-bit Centos, should work on other 64-bit linux distributions, and may work on OSX 10.8 and FreeBSD. PerconaFT is not supported on 32-bit systems.

Transparent hugepages is a feature in newer linux kernel versions that causes problems for the memory usage tracking calculations in PerconaFT and can lead to memory overcommit. If you have this feature enabled, PerconaFT will not start, and you should turn it off. If you want to run with transparent hugepages on, you can set an environment variable TOKU_HUGE_PAGES_OK=1, but only do this for testing, and only with a small cache size.


PerconaFT uses CTest for testing. The CDash testing dashboard is not currently public, but you can run the tests without submitting them.

There are some large data files not stored in the git repository, that will be made available soon. For now, the tests that use these files will not run.

In the build directory from above:

ctest -D ExperimentalStart \
      -D ExperimentalConfigure \
      -D ExperimentalBuild \
      -D ExperimentalTest


Please report bugs in PerconaFT to the issue tracker.

We have two publicly accessible mailing lists for TokuDB:

and two for TokuMX:

All source code and test contributions must be provided under a BSD 2-Clause license. For any small change set, the license text may be contained within the commit comment and the pull request. For larger contributions, the license must be presented in a COPYING.<feature_name> file in the root of the PerconaFT project. Please see the BSD 2-Clause license template for the content of the license text.


PerconaFT is available under the GPL version 2, and AGPL version 3. See COPYING.AGPLv3, COPYING.GPLv2, and PATENTS.