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Using "The Cycle" With...

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#Main Page

##About the book

  • Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A. Limoncelli
  • Available on paper or ebook. [ Amazon] or [ O'Reilly]
  • First printing in Dec 2005.
  • Tom has a blog:
  • Found a bug or typo? [ Official Bug Reporting Site]
  • [ Join the TM4SA-Fans mailing list]

##Time Management Tools and Recommendations

###Paper (PAA)

  • [ Moleskin]: OMG! 365 days, one-page-per-day, and the entire thing fits in your pocket. You have to see it to believe it. Sadly, once they sell out for the year, you have to wait for next year's edition!
    • Here is an article about the 2010 edition: [ New 2010 Moleskines are available]
    • Order this on Amazon: [ Order it]
  • [] Looks interesting. Anyone tried it? Let me know!
  • [ FranklinCovey] makes binders and stationary that works well for The Cycle System. [Note: I disagree with Covey's politics but I hold my nose and buy his refills every year.] plus software for [ printing your own sheets]
  • [ Levenger Circa fastening system] -- Joe Sharp pointed out that while he now uses a PDA, his PAA was a 3x5 card-based system using the ingenious Levenger Circa fastening system. His designed for the cards was inspired by the Mind Manager program.
  • [ PocketMod] System for printing your own sheets.
  • [ DIY PAA Planner], print your own (classic sized) sheets, based on templates in TM4SA. Designed by Joseph Kern

Some PAA Devices:

###iPhone / Mac:

* [ Appigo Todo and Todo Cloud] for iPhone is simple and powerful, with great syncing.  (This is what Tom Limoncelli currently uses.) (Now sold as
* [ OmniFocus] for the Mac has excellent iPhone GPS integration.
* [ Life Balance] -- Life Balance by Llama Graphics is fantastic (and mentioned in the book).
* [ TaskPaper] for the Mac by [ Hog Bay Software] is as easy to use as paper

##Windows Phone:

  • [ Top Task List] for Windows Phone gets good reviews.


* [ Remember the Milk] is a web-based Todolist that also offers client software for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry, and can be integrated into the web interface of Google Mail and Google Calendar

##Linux and Emacs:

* [ Emacs Org-Mode]: Emacs users celebrate!  Org-Mode gives you a powerful todo-list system that is compliant with The Cycle.  Check out the website or watch the <a href="">Google Video</a> to learn more.


Back when I had a Palm Treo I swore by Pimlico's DateBk6 (I started with DateBk4 and upgraded through to the last release)

  • [ DateBook6] by PIMLICO Software. Turns a Palm-based PDA into something powerful enough to use The Cycle System. TheCycleAndDateBook explains how to configure it to do The Cycle.