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School project

Live demo

Web game written in a pure JavaScript.

The project requirements said that the logging and user registrations must be done using HTML5 LocalStorage API.

Extract from the project requirements:

  • Website that enables the user to play a game.
  • The user plays the game alone or against the computer.
  • If the user plays against the computer, there are no extra marks for sophisticated artificial intelligence: simple random choices are fine.
  • The game must be implemented in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Extra marks are available for games with more sophisticated functionality.
  • Users can create accounts and login.
  • The website has a page that displays the top scores of all registered users.
  • User data is stored in JSON format using HTML local storage.
  • Cross-browser compatibility is not required – you only need to demonstrate your game on a single browser.
  • PHP is used to output navigation menus, footers, etc.
  • Marks are available for code quality and the attractiveness and usability of the website

The marks I received for that project is 100/100.