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glob functionality for node.js

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This is a glob implementation in JavaScript. It uses the minimatch library to do its matching.

Attention: node-glob users!

The API has changed dramatically between 2.x and 3.x. This library is now 100% JavaScript, and the integer flags have been replaced with an options object.

Also, there's an event emitter class, proper tests, and all the other things you've come to expect from node modules.

And best of all, no compilation!


var glob = require("glob")

// options is optional
glob("**/*.js", options, function (er, files) {
  // files is an array of filenames.
  // If the `nonull` option is set, and nothing
  // was found, then files is ["**/*.js"]
  // er is an error object or null.


Please see the minimatch documentation for more details.

Supports these glob features:

  • Brace Expansion
  • Extended glob matching
  • "Globstar" ** matching


Glob Class

Create a glob object by instanting the glob.Glob class.

var Glob = require("glob").Glob
var mg = new Glob(pattern, options)

It's an EventEmitter.


  • minimatch The minimatch object that the glob uses.
  • options The options object passed in.
  • matches A FastList object containing the matches as they are found.
  • error The error encountered. When an error is encountered, the glob object is in an undefined state, and should be discarded.
  • aborted Boolean which is set to true when calling abort(). There is no way at this time to continue a glob search after aborting.


  • end When the matching is finished, this is emitted with all the matches found. If the nonull option is set, and no match was found, then the matches list contains the original pattern. The matches are sorted, unless the nosort flag is set.
  • match Every time a match is found, this is emitted with the pattern.
  • partial Emitted when a directory matches the start of a pattern, and is then searched for additional matches.
  • error Emitted when an unexpected error is encountered.
  • abort When abort() is called, this event is raised.


  • abort Stop the search.


All the options that can be passed to Minimatch can also be passed to Glob to change pattern matching behavior. Additionally, these ones are added which are glob-specific, or have glob-specific ramifcations.

All options are false by default.

  • cwd The current working directory in which to search. Since, unlike Minimatch, Glob requires a working directory to start in, this defaults to process.cwd().
  • root Since Glob requires a root setting, this defaults to path.resolve(options.cwd, "/").
  • mark Add a / character to directory matches.
  • follow Use stat instead of lstat. This is only relevant if stat or mark are true.
  • nosort Don't sort the results.
  • stat Set to true to stat/lstat all results. This reduces performance somewhat, but guarantees that the results are files that actually exist.
  • silent When an error other than ENOENT or ENOTDIR is encountered when attempting to read a directory, a warning will be printed to stderr. Set the silent option to true to suppress these warnings.
  • strict When an error other than ENOENT or ENOTDIR is encountered when attempting to read a directory, the process will just continue on in search of other matches. Set the strict option to raise an error in these cases.
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