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Software running on our power distribution board
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Building and deploy


To compile the firmware run:

cmake . && make

To compile the tests run the same commands in the test directory

WTF? Two independent cmake-projects?

You may ask why is there a second, independet cmake project for the tests (and you have the best right to do so). Well i do not like the solution either but it seems like cmake is not able to have two targets with different compilers. So if you find a better solution for doing this (no i won't use Makefiles or Bazel or Scons or Gradle or whatever...) please write an issue and i will fix this immediatly.

How to flash to firmware

This assumes that an AVRISP mk2 is used, if you use a different programmer change the -c flag.

avrdude -p m2560 -B 10 -c avrisp2 -U flash:w:PowerDeliveryBoardSoftware.hex:i


The fuses select the "Ext. Crystal Osc.; Frequency 8.0- MHz; Start-up time: 16K CK + 4.1 ms; [CKSEL=1111 SUT=10]" clock, disables the clock divider, enables the preserve eeprom flag, enables the watchdog timer, enables SPI and disables JTAG and OCD. The brownout detection level is set to 1.8V.

Fusebyte Value
Low 0xEF
High 0xC1
Extended 0xFE

How to flash the fuses

avrdude -p m2560 -B 10 -c avrisp2 -U lfuse:w:0xef:m -U hfuse:w:0xc1:m -U efuse:w:0xfe:m


Under normal use all leds should be either on or blinking. By inverting most states one can be sure that all leds are working.

If only a single led is off for a longer time, there is a some kind of problem.

LED-Number Meaning
0 Alive (blinks regularly)
1 Not Watchdog
2 Not Brownout
3 I²C for VCC OK
4 I²C for 5V OK
5 VCC (Voltage and Current) OK
6 5V (Voltage and Current) OK
7 Unused

Package format (Transmitter ID 74)

The package is a 8 bit, 8 Channel Package with the following data:

Command Response
0 Status
1 Voltage VCC in mV / 128
2 Current VCC in mA / 256
3 Voltage 5V in mV / 32
4 Current 5V in mA / 64
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