Printing profiles for all my 3dprinters
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BQ Hephestos 2
BQ Witbox 2
FLSUN Prusa i3 C Plus
Filaments Docs


Printing profiles for all my 3dprinters

NOTE: These profiles are still a work in progress

Profiles are divided according to their printer. Available printers are:

  • BQ Witbox 2 with cold bed
  • BQ Hephestos 2 with heated bed
  • FLSUN Prusa i3 C Plus with heated bed (Profiles coming soon)

Within each printer you will find slicing profiles for Simplify3D in first time (Octoprint & Cura coming in second time).

Finally, you will find profiles for different qualities and filaments.

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As you might imagine, working on this project takes a lot of time and effort. The maintenance, bug fixing, testing, release preparations, reviews of filaments, updates and such alone is already a huge undertaking, and that even leaves out other coding unrelated tasks like writing documentation, server administration etc.
If this sounds like a full time job, that's because it is (almost). My full time work on this project is 100% crowd funded by people just like you!
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It's a simple share of all 3dprinters profiles i use all days. Feedbacks are welcome 👍.
More are coming in future releases (faster if you help/support my work by cover there costs & stuffs)