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AOTC Broadcast Package

This is the source code for the AOTC broadcast package. To see it in action, watch one of the main broadcasts, and read this blog post for more on how it works.



Environment variables

You will need to provide the following environment variables for local development. You will need service account credentials from Google to use the Google Spreadsheet API, you can follow this guide to create your own.

GOOGLE_SHEETS_ID= # the spreadsheet ID of the dashboard spreadsheet
GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL= # the Service Account email given to you
GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY= # the private key received from your Service Account auth details

Create a copy of the .env.example file and name it .env. There, you can put the credentials you receive.

Setting up

First, you should clone the repository.

$ git clone

After this repository has been cloned, cd into the repository:

$ cd aotc-broadcast-package

Install the project's dependencies. Note that we use Yarn, not npm:

$ yarn

Starting a local server

To start developing locally, you have to run the development server.

$ yarn dev
ready - started server on, url: http://localhost:3000