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End-to-end toolchain for the Occam language targeting OpenTransputer.
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The tss Occam Toolchain allows you to compile and assemble Occam 2.1 for the Transputer/OpenTransputer. It also includes a simulator for testing those programs.

User documentation

Project status


  • Handles most of the Occam 2.1 language
  • No type checking
  • Does not support external channels (a.k.a. links) but does support soft channels and IO Ports


  • Fully supports Transputer assembly
  • Supports OpenTransputer channel configuration
  • Produces binaries that run in the simulator
  • Produces binaries that run directly on OpenTransputer hardware


  • Supports most of the Transputer features
  • Limited debugging support
  • Supports multiple-Transputer execution and communication


This project relies on a number of excellent libraries.


  • Maven
  • pegdown-doclet
  • javafx-maven-plugin

Other tools

You can install our language-occam package for occam syntax highlighting in Atom.

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