Client to interact with Mt.Gox' API directly from shell or through a CLI.
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Features in short

  • Interact with Mt.Gox API
  • Option to encrypt secret
  • Multiple currencies
  • Includes a shell-like interface
  • Runs from command-line and return replies as jsons
  • Use multiple devices/accounts
  • Buy and sell bitcoins
  • List and cancel orders
  • Withdraw bitcoins
  • Display account balance
  • Display tickers
  • Display depths and do some primitive parsing of orderbook
  • Calculate profitable short/long prices from an initial price

And of course, more...


  • Python 2.6 or a newer 2.* release.
  • PyCrypto 2.0.1 or later.
  • Python cjson



To start a GoxShell simply run without any following arguments, usually by running:

$ python

When shell has started, type "help" to get a detailed list of actions avaiable.


To read the in application help, run the following command from a *nix shell:

$ python -h

To get a list of actions avaiable, this commands is used:

$ python -l [action]

The action-parameter is optional and gives you detailed information about a specific action.


You need to activate your client to authenticate with Mt.Gox.

  • Log in to your account at
  • Navigate into Security Center
  • Go to Application Acces and generate a key with at least some rights
  • Run GoxCLI-shell
  • Type "activate " where is the key you retrieved from Mt.Gox
  • Follow instructions on screen

NOTE: If you're activating your application more than once, you will end up with multiple devices in config, the command to delete old devices is named "delete".


If you're using encrypted method of saving your key, please note that to run actions that requires authentication with Mt.Gox directly from commandline you will have to start a service with the -s/--service option from command-line (and then follow instructions on screen). If you prefer starting the service from within a GoxShell you could run this command:

$ login daemon=True

However, if you've not encrypted your secret, none of this will not be necessary and you can run whatever action you'd like without a service running.


Here is the history I found on goxsh's website that Optonic wrote, which I feel is worth to include:

  • goxsh was originally written by ahihi and first announced on June 17, 2011 on the Bitcoin Forum.

  • On July 21, 2011 I decided to add some basic ANSI-color support to goxsh and therefor forked goxsh at github: Optonic/goxsh 0.11 was born. With goxsh 0.13 color settings were sourced out into a separate config file. With 0.16c the ability to login with API-key/secret was added to goxsh. The ability to login with username and password has been removed in release 0.20 as it had become deprecated but new features were added.

  • On July 30, 2011 I announced my fork on the Bitcoin Forum.

My, Trasp, own notes about GoxCLI:

This started out as a fork of goxsh. I was supposed to update it to Mt.Gox's API v1, enable the use of multiple currencies and implement a new interface which you could reach straight from command-line. After I realized it would become a real mess I rewrote it pretty much from scratch. Since you will still see alot of the goxsh-style and a little of the code in goxcli I suppose you still could call GoxCLI a fork of goxsh.

I, Trasp, would also like to thanks Mt.Gox for contributing to this application. And a special thanks goes to MagicalTux for his neverending support in #mtgox

Also, like all other suckers out there I would also warmly welcome tiny donations, being a broke student and all :). If you think I deserved it, here's my address: 1NMmr9upNA37t91UkVagK2X5m55jvLMTWb

You can also find me in #1024 at FreeNode if you want to contact me.

NOTE: This project is more or less dead. I will still fix the issues being raised, eventually... probably. I do not however expect any major changes to be made to the code, even though it's really needed here and there. I'm working on something else and will definitely be back in one way or another. For the Python-devs coming here to only/mostly read the code to understand MtGox' API there is some code in the testing branch. It's allready is about a year old and don't have API v2 support as the master branch has, and I don't remember how well the client actually work, but you might find it to suit your needs better since it should be easier to navigate in that code.