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dcevm-11 built on Travis
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Trava dcevm-11

Build Status License

The main objective of this project is to provide dcevm-11 binaries. Build is transparent as much as possible. dcevm-11 source code is build on Travis and the destination binaries are bundled with HotswapAgent. Building is exclusively based on AdoptOpenJDK scripts.


Download windows/linux/macos binaries, unpack and set JAVA_HOME to it's location (or add it as JDK to your IDE).


Everything is configured for you, just run your application with downloaded JDK. For HotswapAgent configuration look at

Build your binaries!

It is not necessary to use supplied binaries, you can build own binaries. It is simple and it can be done in several clicks:

  • Fork this repository
  • Create user account on Travis
  • Change the deploy part in .travis.yml to upload the result to your repository
  • Create tagged commit and wait for Travis to build your binaries!

HOWTO deploy a new release

Release with existing TAG

  • If this repository has some updates since last tagged, then move tag:
    git push origin :refs/tags/${SOURCE_JDK_TAG}
    git tag -fa ${SOURCE_JDK_TAG}
    git push origin master --tags
  • Cleanup binaries from Releases/
  • Trigger tagged job on Travis (if not triggered automatically)

Release with new TAG

Let's jdk source repository has new tag of value TAGVAL

  • Set variable SOURCE_JDK_TAG= in .tarvis.yml to TAGVAL
  • Commit and tag commit with TAGVAL
  • Appropriate a new tagged job should be created on Travis automatically
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