Polygon pipeline tool for 2D games
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A pipeline utility for creating animation meta-data for beat'em up games.

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Search Filter: Start typing the thing you're searching for and either check/uncheck Exclude Approved as needed

HotKey reference: (WIP) -Arrow keys for transversing the treeview ->up down to move up or down nodes ->right to open left to close current node

In Image Viewer: C - Center image in view P - Polygon Mode (to start drawing Polys) Ctrl + Numpad+ OR Ctrl Mousewheel in - Zoom In Ctrl + Numpad- OR Ctrl Mousewheel out - Zoom Out Ctrl + R - Reset View

How to Quickly draw Polygons and go from Frame to Frame

  1. Go to the animation you want to draw polys on
  2. Select a Polygroup and polygon
  3. Draw your polygon by being in Polygon mode (P) IMPORTANT SPEEDY TIP
  4. When you are ready to start your next Polygon CLICK the Middle Mouse button. This will Automatically create and select a new polygon within the current polygroup
  5. Repeat 3-4 as needed.
  6. When you are done drawing polys in that frame and are ready to go to the next frame of Animation, (while having Polygroup OR a Polygon Selected) Hit Enter (numpad OR regular) and this will put you on the next frame in the same polygroup (if possible) as you were in the "previous" frame and on the first polygon so you can immediately continue making polygons (repeating steps 3-4)