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Life-Tracking Dashboard



  • multi-language support
  • multi-user support
    • profile image
    • change password
    • stay logged-in
  • progressive web app
    • using web push api for notifications
  • internal notifications
  • activity log


  • track your location with tasker
  • track income and spendings
    • manage income/spendings categories
    • automatically add recurring income/spendings in different intervals
    • automatically assign a category to income/spendings
    • manage monthly budgets
    • income/spendings and budget statistics
    • monthly statistics via mail
  • track fuel consumption for multiple cars with multiple users
    • statistics of fuel consumption and km/year
  • kanban like boards
    • stacks
    • cards with labels, date, description, assigned users
  • manage external data of crawlers/scrapers
    • customize data fields of datasets
    • show link list
    • filter by new or new and updated entries
  • split bills with other users in individual groups
    • support for foreign currencies with adjustable exchange rate and exchange fee
    • optional: automatically add a finance entry for a splitted bill
  • trip planning
    • add events, flights, car rentals, accommodations, train rides and car drives and show them on a map
    • filter by date
  • timesheets
    • track start/end time for individual projects
    • export timesheets to Excel


  • the application requires the class 'IntlDateFormatter'
  • the web-root of your domain need to point to the public directory
  • create a new database and import the file database.sql in the db directory
  • import the file in the db directory
  • copy the file settings.example.php in the folder src and rename it to settings.php
  • insert your database credentials in settings.php
  • insert the default location and i18n settings in settings.php
  • install the required composer dependencies with composer install
  • you can login at http://<your-domain> with the default user admin and password admin
  • create a cronjob which calls http://<your-domain>/cron every hour or run the console command cron with php bin/console.php cron


  • when using push notifications PHP 7.1 with GMP is needed

More information available on