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Trench Wars bot project
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Please contact Trench Wars developers to gain access to this repository. This repository contains the most recent public code of TWCore as it has been available on

About TWCore

Subspace Continuum is a 2D massive-multiplayer online game (MMOG) from the 90s that consists of a server and a client. Anyone can host their own zone (server) and allow clients to connect to it.

This is a project written in Java that emulates a client by sending the appropriate packets for authentication, registration, and any and all in-game player actions. When given moderator powers, these "bots" are able to perform a number of useful tasks within the game.

Trench Wars is the particular zone for which TWCore was written, and has long been the most highly populated Subspace Continuum zone. Many of its bots and actions are geared towards competitive leagues or events within this zone. It has the capability of interfacing with MySQL databases so that statistics and other data can be displayed on easily accesible webpages.

Although TWCore was written for use in Trench Wars, it is open source and allowances were made for portability to other zones which may want to adapt their own version of TWCore. Mervbot is an alternative bot core written in Visual C++ that some other zones utilize.

TWCore differs from Mervbot in that TWCore spawns a hub bot in the specified zone on startup which can then easily spawn other bots by command.


TWCore runs on Java 7 and as such requires a Java 7SE JDK. The build process utilizes ant. The project is also fairly useless without access to a Subspace Zone.

Many developers choose to use Eclipse as an interactive development environment (IDE); however, this is not a requirement.

Building and Running

The simplest way to build and run TWCore is with ant. In the directory with build.xml simply type ant which will create bin/twcore.jar. Before running the project, some configuration is necessary in the bin/setup.cfg file to specify which zone to connect to, what username to connect with, and so forth. After doing so the project can be run by typing ant run or executing the JAR file directly with the configuration file as an argument.

java -jar bin/twcore.jar bin/setup.cfg

You can build the javadocs for the project with ant javadoc. See other build options with ant -p.

For further information, please visit our wiki.

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