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A CLI frontend to the poppler-glib libary of PDF tools

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Leela is a CLI frontend to the poppler-glib library of PDF functions.

USAGE: leela command [ n1 n2 ... nN ] pdf output
  command     command from the list below
  n1...nN     range of pages to act on (defaul=all)
  pdf         filename of input pdf file
  output      select output type or filename

  annots      extract annotations in an xml format
  append      append pages from input onto output
  attachments extract attacments from input into outputXXX [EXPERIMENTAL]
  data        display data about pdf
  help        show this help menu and exit
  images      extract images from input into output
  pages       extract pages from input into output
  render      render annotations onto output [EXPERIMENTAL]
  shrink      render for screen, often reduces file size
  text        extract text of pdf file

Unless otherwise specified below, the 'output' option will specify the name of file to which output should be directed.  Exceptions are as follows:
  append      a second pdf to append to
  attachments a basename for the output files
  data        optionally specify which information is desired:
                <options comming soon>

Most commands can accept a page range on which to act.  Page numbers are listed as numbers separated by spaces, enclosed in square brackets (also separated by spaces).  Shell options can be used to simplify large ranges.  For example, in bash one may extract annotations specifically from pages 1-9, 13-20, and 22-25 as follows:

$ leela annots [ {1..9} {13..20} {22..25} ] input.pdf

First see how the poppler library got its name:

Leela was for poppler freedom.  Leela was a poppler advocate.  And of course, Leela was the first one to EAT poppler!

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