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Slider - PDF presentation tool

Author: Jesse McClure, Copyright 2012-2015 License: GPLv3

Version 4 is in active development and is a complete rewrite from scratch with different design and implementation. Many features are currently incomplete, some are not implemented at all just yet. Please consider 4.0 for testing purposes only. The 3.0 code has been moved to it's own branch and can continue to be used for daily use. As of 16 Feb 2015, the master branch points to 4.0.

Major changes from v3

  • Sorter has been replaced with "coverflow" style previews
  • All rendering is done on demand;
    • pro: no delay during startup
    • pro: no need to load all of the pdf into memory
    • con: very large/elaborate pages can take a moment to render on older hardware
  • All new approach to user configuration


  • Multimonitor testing
    • Functions on openbox as of 17 Feb 2015
    • Need to test on other WMs
  • Notes windows (currently not implemented at all)
  • Modular compiles (done):
    • required modules: commands, config, render, slider, xlib
    • optional modules: cursor, links, randr, sorter
  • Configuration (in progress)
  • Adjust spacing of preview slides to account for different size pdfs
  • Uncommon links types
  • Cursors (other than current circle/dot, low priority)
  • History (low priority)
  • Track down memory leaks (in cairo?)