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YouTube Playlist Organizer

I add a lot of YouTube videos to my Watch Later list throughout the week and binge them on the weekends. I generally like to watch videos that fall under the same topics together (e.g. all art videos, all music videos, etc.). Currently, it is very tedious to move videos in my Watch Later list into other playlists. I created this Userscript to help me organize my Watch Later list (as well as any other playlists):

Action Default Web UI YouTube Playlist Organizer
Move to another playlist 5 Clicks 1 Drag
Add to Watch Later
(from a normal playlist)
2 clicks 1 Drag
Add to Queue 2 Clicks 1 Drag
Remove from List 2 Clicks 1 Drag

Why Userscript instead of YouTube API

As of 2016, the Watch Later list has been depricated from YouTube's API. As a result, the only way to programatically make changes to the Watch Later list is by directly emulating user actions on the website.


This tool relies on timers and jQuery selectors to find playlists and videos on the page. Random lag may break the script. In addition, this tool will stop working whenever YouTube's markup changes.

Installation Guide

  1. Install a Userscript manager for your web browser

  2. Download the latest build. If you have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey installed, then you should immediately be prompted with a confirmation window asking you if you wish to install this Userscript.

Dev Guide

  1. Install prereqs

    • node
    • yarn
    • Tampermonkey on Chrome
  2. In Chrome:

    • Go to chrome://extensions/
    • Go into Tampermonkey's details
    • Enable Allow access to file URLs
  3. Run dev server

    yarn install
    yarn dev
  4. In Chrome:

    • Go to http://localhost:8080/userscript-youtube-playlist-organizer.proxy.user.js and install the script