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How do I contact the team? Visit us on our IRC channel: #Tropicraft on EsperNet

Can I use Tropicraft in my public/private mod pack? Probably! Find Cojo on IRC to receive permission and find out what is required from you.


Tropicraft and its associated source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.


Issue Guidelines

Before creating an issue please make sure you've covered the following:

  • Describe the whole issue
  • Provide directions how to replicate the issue
  • Provide the Tropicraft and Forge versions
  • Post the crash log surrounded by code tags (Ex: ```Tropicraft is cool!``` Tropicraft is cool!)

Pull Request Guidelines

For a guide on how to create a pull request click here

Before submitting a pull request please make sure you've covered the following:

  • Clearly explain all of your changes
  • All changes should be stored in a separate branch with a clear and concise name
  • Reference any related issues
  • Code should be commented and understandable