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Scuba ambience sampled from sounds by:


How do I contact the team?
Come join our Discord guild! All the current devs chill within there, and we are able to provide support.
If you prefer to use IRC, you can join #Tropicraft on EsperNet. However, Discord is more likely to be successful.

Can I use Tropicraft in my public/private mod pack?
Most likely! Find Cojo on Discord or IRC to receive permission and find out what is required from you.

Love Tropics

Love Tropics is a weekend-long charity livestream ran by the Tropicraft Devs, bros and Love Tropics helpers, focused on raising funds to fight climate change in the regions impacted the most.

Since inception in 2017, over US$200,000 has been raised for various different causes.

Click on the logo above to learn more about the event.