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hexo-lazyload-image is a hexo plugin which is used to have all images support lazyload automatically. With the help of this functionality, it will improve lots of the loading proformance..

All the lazy-load images only shows up when they are within current viewport.

Don't worry about lazyload SEO problem, because Google supports it already. we just Do nothing.


$ npm install hexo-lazyload-image --save


First add configuration in _config.yml from your hexo project.

  enable: true
  onlypost: false # optional
  loadingImg: # optional eg ./images/loading.gif
  isSPA: false # optional


  • If true, only the images from post or page will support lazy-load.
  • If false, the whole images of your site will use lazy-load, including the images dist from your theme, but not including the background images from CSS style.


  • If you keep the value nothing (by default), then it will use the default loading image.
  • If you want to customize the image, then you need to copy your loading image to your current theme image folder and then change this path to find it.

isSPA For performance considering, isSPA is added. If your theme is a SPA page, please set it as true to make the lazy loading works,

  • If true, searching for each image during scrolling to support SPA page,
  • If false (default value), the performance would be the best.

Helper APIs

window.imageLazyLoadSetting = {
  processImages, // core method to process lazyload image

specify no-lazy for specify image

we can also disable the lazy process if specify a attribute on img tag in both markdown or html

<img no-lazy src="abc.png" />

Run hexo command.

$ hexo clean && hexo g


I've test it manually with some popular themes like landscape(official), material, next, jacman and myself theme hexo-theme-twentyfifteen-wordpress, and yours I believe!

Enjoy it!




  • Fixed the Fancybox compatibility issue
  • Fixed the bug not working in SPA page like theme-volantis



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