This is a package with a bunch of useful commands and symbols for recursion theorists a.k.a. computability theorists.
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This directory contains the rec-thy package. This package provides a large
number of macros to express standard pieces of notation in recursion theory
aka computability theory. The file rec-thy.pdf (which can be generated from
rec-thy.tex) provides a guide to usage and examples of almost all the macros
and package options as well as release notes.

Comments, feedback and patches welcomes.  

Since my goal is to provide something of use to the community (and myself) 
and having seen some of the problems that can result from even well 
intentioned licenses later down the road, e.g., difficulties updating TeX,
and since I still hold sole copyright I'm releasing this into the public 
domain (this applies retroactively to  prior releases).  I would *ask* 
anyone who reuses it not to be a dick about it (give credit, commit upgrades back, 
rename if forking etc..).  Note, I will assume that any contributions to this
package are implicitly released into the public domain as well unless told

Author: Peter Gerdes email:   
Github URL:

10/15/2010 - v1.0 - Original Release
01/01/2011 - v1.2
06/20/2012 - v1.3