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config files for vim,tmux,awesomewm for backup
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This repository hosts the dotfiles i use in my daily life.The script does two things:

  1. backup your config files(if exist) to ~/dotfiles_old.
  2. copy my config files for awesomewm & tmux & vim & urxvt & zsh to you.

Before installation

  • Before installation, awesomewm & tmux & vim & rxvt-unicode & zsh are supposed to be installed.
  • Because i use vundle as the Vim plugin manager, you need to install Vundle and Vundle is an awesome plugin manager for Vim.(the will help you do this if you didn't)
  • Set the default shell to zsh if it is not the current shell.You also need to install oh-my-zsh for your zsh's configuration.(the will help you do this if you didn't)
  • Theme uses font FontAwesome, in archlinux you can run sudo pacman -S ttf-font-awesome to install it.
  • Install Monaco & adobe-source-han-sans, or set URxvt.font in Xresources to what you want to use. In archlinux you can install these fonts by run sudo pacman -S ttf-monaco adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts.


git clone ~/dotfiles && cd ~/dotfiles && ./


  • WallPaper:The system's wallpaper is ~/.config/awesome/themes/powerarrow-dark/wall.png, delete it and move you new wallpaper here and rename it as wall.png.
  • Music widget:To use the music widget, you need install mpd and mpc.Search ArchWiKi for more details.
  • Mail widget:To use the mail widget, you need config the /themes/powerarrow-dark/theme.lua, If you are in china, mail widget will not work when the mail server is gmail, edit the head_command variable in /lain/widget/imap.lua will fix this(proxychains, polipo, etc).
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