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Movie info module for the MagicMirror project
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Displays the top 20 movies that are currently in theaters around you. The list is fetched from The Movie Database. The module determines whether it's on the left or right side of the mirror and displays accordingly (image in poster mode mode will always be on the side of the mirror's edge):

MMM-MovieListings MMM-MovieListings


cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

git clone

cd MMM-MovieListings && npm install


request - is being installed via npm install


The entry in config.js can include the following options:

Option Description Default
header The header of the module Kinofilme
apiKey required Your API key. Please insert the 'v3 (auth)' key here, not v4. Signup here, then get a key in your profile section -> api none
includeMoviePlot Determins whether a short plot discription will be shown or not. Set to either true or false false
maxPlotLength Sets the max length of the movie plot description. Only necessary if includeMoviePlot is set to true. Setting this value to 0 shows entire plot. NOTE: This might be a long text and mess with the layout. 198
region The region you want to see the movie listing for. Insert a region as an ISO 3166-1 code (DE for Germany, US for United States, GB for United Kingdom, etc...) DE
language The language for the movie titles. Either a simple ISO-639-1 code (DE for Germany, EN for english, etc.) or a region specific language as in ISO 3166-1 (de-DE for German in Germany, pt-BR for Portugese in Brazil, etc.) de-DE
interface You can choose between a simple list view and a more detailed poster view with movie image and more details. Options are list and poster. If you choose poster, the moviesPerPage will be ignored as it will only show one movie at a time poster
moviesPerPage How many movies should be displayed at once? To disable pagination and show all movies at once, pass it 0 (or leave this setting from config since 0 is default) 0
pageChangeInterval Interval in milliseconds to change between pages if you defined a moviesPerPage or set display to poster 30 * 1000 = 30 seconds
refreshInterval Interval in milliseconds to update movie list. Please take the API documentation for rate limit into account 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 = Once a day


  1. 3rd view as a detailed list (without an image but more details as in list)
  2. Cache movies for 24 hours (or for the time of the refreshInterval) when received in poster view (currently every view change fetches new)
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