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+Upgrading Your TurboGears Project
+From 2.1 to 2.2
+Projects quickstarted on 2.1 should mostly work out of the box.
+Main points of interest when upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2 are related to some features deprecated in 2.1
+that now got removed, to the new ToscaWidgets2 support and to the New Authentication layer.
+Both ToscaWidgets2 and the new auth layer are disabled by default, so they should not get in
+your way unless you explicitly want.
+Deprecations now removed
+``tg.url`` changed in release 2.1, in 2.0 parameters for the url could be passed as
+paremeters for the ``tg.url`` function. This continued to work in 2.1 but provided a
+DeprecationWarning. Since 2.1 parameters to the url call must be passed in the ``params``
+argument as a dictionary. Support for url parameters passed as arguments have been totally
+removed in 2.2
+``use_legacy_renderer`` option isn't supported anymore. Legacy renderers (Buffets) got
+deprecated in previous versions and are not available anymore in 2.2.
+``__before__`` and ``__after__`` controller methods got deprecated in 2.1 and are not
+called anymore, make sure you switched to the new ``_before`` and ``_after`` methods.
+Avoiding ToscaWidgets2
+If you want to keep using ToscaWidgets1 simply don't install ToscaWidgets2 in your enviroment.
+If your project has been quickstarted before 2.2 and uses ToscaWidgets1 it can continue to
+work that way, by default projects that don't enable tw2 in any way will continue to use
+If you install tw2 packages in your environment the admin interface, sprox, crud and all the
+functions related to form generation will switch to ToscaWidgets2.
+This will force you to enable tw2 wit the ``use_toscawidgets2`` option, otherwise they will
+stop working.
+So if need to keep using ToscaWidgets1 only, don't install any tw2 package.
+Mixing ToscaWidgets2 and ToscaWidgets1
+Mixing the two widgets library is perfectly possible and can be achieved using both the
+``use_toscawidgets`` and ``use_toscawidgets2`` options. When ToscaWidgets2 is installed
+the admin, sprox and the crud controller will switch to tw2, this will require you to
+enable the ``use_toscawidgets2`` option.
+If you manually specified any widget inside Sprox forms or CrudRestController
+you will have to migrate those to tw2. All the other forms in your application can keep
+being ToscaWidgets1 forms and widgets.
+Moving to ToscaWidgets2
+Switching to tw2 can be achieved by simply placing the ``prefer_toscawidgets2`` option in
+your ``config/``. This will totally disable ToscaWidgets1, being it installed or
+not. So all your forms will have to be migrated to ToscaWidgets2.
+New Authentication Layer
+2.2 release introduced a new authentication layer to support repoze.who v2 and prepare for
+moving forward to Python3. When the new authentication layer is not in use, the old one
+based on repoze.what, repoze.who v1 and repoze.who-testutil will be used.
+As 2.1 applications didn't explicitly enable the new authentication layer they should
+continue to work as before.
+Switching to the new Authentication Layer
+Switching to the new authentication layer should be quite straightforward for applications
+that didn't customize authentication. The new layer gets enabled only when a
+``base_config.sa_auth.authmetadata`` object is present inside your ``config/``.
+To switch a plain project to the new authentication layer simply add those lines to your
+ from tg.configuration.auth import TGAuthMetadata
+ #This tells to TurboGears how to retrieve the data for your user
+ class ApplicationAuthMetadata(TGAuthMetadata):
+ def __init__(self, sa_auth):
+ self.sa_auth = sa_auth
+ def get_user(self, identity, userid):
+ return self.sa_auth.dbsession.query(self.sa_auth.user_class).filter_by(user_name=userid).first()
+ def get_groups(self, identity, userid):
+ return [g.group_name for g in identity['user'].groups]
+ def get_permissions(self, identity, userid):
+ return [p.permission_name for p in identity['user'].permissions]
+ base_config.sa_auth.authmetadata = ApplicationAuthMetadata(base_config.sa_auth)
+If you customized authentication in any way, you will probably have to port forward all your
+customizations, in this case, if things get too complex you can keep remaining on the old
+authentication layer, things will continue to work as before.
+After enabling the new authentication layer you will have to switch your repoze.what imports
+to tg imports::
+ #from repoze.what import predicates becames
+ from tg import predicates
+All the predicates previously available in repoze.what should continue to be available.
+Your project should now be able to upgrade to repoze.who v2, before doing that remember to remove
+the following packages which are not in use anymore and might conflict with repoze.who v2:
+ * repoze.what
+ * repoze.what.plugins.sql
+ * repoze.what-pylons
+ * repoze.what-quickstart
+ * repoze.who-testutil
+The only repoze.who packages you should end up having installed are:
+ * repoze.who-2.0
+ *
+ * repoze.who_friendlyform

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