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-.. _authconfig:
-Authorization/Authentication Config Settings
-:Status: Official
-.. contents:: Table of Contents
- :depth: 2
-Often times your database schema will not match the
-TG Quickstart schema, or you may have to Authenticate
-in a manner different from just authorizing with the
-database. These settings help make it easier to alter
-these settings.
-Basic Config Settings
-It's very easy for you to customize authentication and identification settings
-in :mod:`repoze.who` from ``{yourproject}.config.app_cfg.sa_auth``. The
-available directives are all optional:
-* ``form_plugin``: An instance of your custom :mod:`repoze.who` challenger.
-* ``form_identifies`` (bool): Whether your custom challenger should also be
- used as an identifier (e.g., an instance of
- :mod:`repoze.who.plugins.form.RedirectingFormPlugin`).
-* You may also customize the parameters sent to
- :class:`repoze.who.middleware.PluggableAuthenticationMiddleware`. For example,
- to set an additional :mod:`repoze.who` authenticator, you may use something
- like this in ``{yourproject}.config.app_cfg``::
- # ...
- from repoze.who.plugins.htpasswd import HTPasswdPlugin, crypt_check
- # ...
- htpasswd_auth = HTPasswdPlugin('/path/to/users.htpasswd', crypt_check)
- app_cfg.sa_auth.authenticators = [('htpasswd_auth', htpasswd_auth)]
- # ...
-Customizing the model structure assumed by the quickstart
-Your auth-related model doesn't `have to` be like the default one, where the
-class for your users, groups and permissions are, respectively, ``User``,
-``Group`` and ``Permission``, and your users' user name is available in
-``User.user_name``. What if you prefer ``Member`` and ``Team`` instead of
-``User`` and ``Group``, respectively? Or what if you prefer ``Group.members``
-instead of ``Group.users``? Read on!
-Changing class names
-Changing the name of an auth-related class (``User``, ``Group`` or ``Permission``)
-is a rather simple task. Just rename it in your model, and then make sure to
-update ``{yourproject}.config.app_cfg`` accordingly.
-For example, if you renamed ``User`` to ``Member``, ``{yourproject}.config.app_cfg``
-should look like this::
- # ...
- from yourproject import model
- # ...
- base_config.sa_auth.user_class = model.Member
- # ...
-Changing attribute names
-You can also change the name of the attributes assumed by
-:mod:`repoze.what` in your auth-related classes, such as renaming
-``User.groups`` by ``User.memberships``.
-Changing such values is what :mod:`repoze.what` calls "translating".
-You may set the translations for the attributes of the models
-:mod:`repoze.what` deals with in ``{yourproject}.config.app_cfg``. For
-example, if you want to replace ``Group.users`` by ``Group.members``, you may
-set the following translation in that file::
- base_config.sa_auth.translations.users = 'members'
-These are the translations you may set in ``base_config.sa_auth.translations``:
- * ``user_name``: The translation for the attribute in ``User.user_name``.
- * ``users``: The translation for the attribute in ``Group.users``.
- * ``group_name``: The translation for the attribute in ``Group.group_name``.
- * ``groups``: The translation for the attribute in ``User.groups`` and
- ``Permission.groups``.
- * ``permission_name``: The translation for the attribute in
- ``Permission.permission_name``.
- * ``permissions``: The translation for the attribute in ``User.permissions``
- and ``Group.permissions``.
- * ``validate_password``: The translation for the method in
- ``User.validate_password``.
-``AppConfig`` Method Overrides
-.. automethod:: tg.configuration.AppConfig.add_auth_middleware
-.. automethod:: tg.configuration.AppConfig.setup_sa_auth_backend

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