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I used make linkcheck to find other broken links in the current docs and tried to fix them as good as possible.

  • For some, there was just an URL or domain change, those are easy.
  • For others, there is the same content in another context, I tried fixing those, too.
  • For the last ones, there simply is no replacement, they should probably deleted.

Now I tried splitting it up into different commits for the different "issues" so you could easily only just take some of them, if you disagree with some of my fixes. ;)

Futhermore, there are some additional broken links that I don't know how to fix, one of the devs should probably look through them:

egrep -v 'redirected|local|127\.0\.0\.1|deprecated|path/to/private/index|no host given' _build/linkcheck/output.txt
building_docs.rst:130: [broken] HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND
building_docs.rst:161: [broken] HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND
main/Contributing.rst:4: [broken] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
main/Contributing.rst:57: [broken] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
main/Contributing.rst:88: [broken] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
main/Deployment/FastCGI.rst:32: [broken] <urlopen error timed out>
main/Deployment/FastCGI.rst:17: [broken] <urlopen error timed out>
main/Extensions/Geo/TileCacheTutorial.rst:57: [broken] <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>
main/Extensions/Geo/TileCacheTutorial.rst:57: [broken] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
ain/Templates/Genshi.rst:13: [broken] <urlopen error timed out>
main/Templates/Genshi.rst:7: [broken] <urlopen error timed out>
modules/thirdparty/webhelpers_paginate.rst:166: [broken] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
moschlar added some commits Mar 28, 2013
@moschlar moschlar Updated outdated links to new addresses which provide the same content
This change is unobstrusive and does not delete anything - just makes references
accesible again.
@moschlar moschlar Delete references to the Pylons Cookbook, which doesn't exist anymore
No suitable replacement could be found for the the links.
@moschlar moschlar Change the reference to the Wiki tutorial from the TG Book
Apparently, the deprecated directory still contains a copy of the
Wiki tutorial.
@moschlar moschlar CGI explanation from Wikipedia d6dacb4
@moschlar moschlar Finally just delete Gone-Away-Links... c83632b
@amol- amol- merged commit 716fbca into TurboGears:master Mar 28, 2013
@moschlar moschlar deleted the unknown repository branch Mar 28, 2013

FYI: As I found out I am able to do that, I just triggered a rebuild at rtfd!

But maybe you should update the definition of the rtfd2.2.2 branch now!

amol- commented Mar 30, 2013

I meant to update rtfd2.2.2 when latest gets switched to 2.3, until then all links should point to /latest so should satisfy most users.


Then you maybe should update the link for 2.2 Documentation (2.2 Installation) at and the redirect from 😉

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