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A full featured Bible App made with the Pythonista IOS app.
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A redesign of the Bible App I created here

Creating a Bible App with Pythonista to learn how to use the Sqlite3 module.

`Video Demo

Database from here

The only files you need currently are, the_bible.pyui, bible-sqlite.db.

This project will demonstrate how to:

  1. Query an SQlite database with Python
  2. Load data from a database into Pythonista's **ui.View()**s
  3. File handling with Python
  4. Using the sound module
  5. Creating alerts using the console module
  6. Work with the TableView module and pass data from one to another
  7. Use the datetime module to create a timestamp
  8. Use the lambda function
  9. Use list comprehension
  10. Using segmented controls

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