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Web demo for Geometrize, a tool for recreating images as geometric primitives. Run it now in your browser.

Made using the Geometrize Haxe library, a Haxe port of primitive.

Geometrized Cat 500 Triangles


  • Recreate images as geometric primitives - rectangles, triangles, circles, ellipses and lines are supported.
  • Interactive options for adjusting shape types, shape and background opacity, speed and accuracy.
  • Save geometrized images as raster PNGs, vector SVGs or as JSON data.
  • Watch the geometrized images being generated in realtime.

Shape Comparison

The matrix shows results for circles, triangles, rotated rectangles, rotated ellipses and all supported shapes at 50, 200 and 500 total shapes:

- 50 Shapes 200 Shapes 500 Shapes
Circles 50 Circles 200 Circles 500 Circles
Triangles 50 Triangles 200 Triangles 500 Triangles
Rotated Rectangles 50 Rotated Rectangles 200 Rotated Rectangles 500 Rotated Rectangles
Rotated Ellipses 50 Rotated Ellipses 200 Rotated Ellipses 500 Rotated Ellipses
All Shapes 50 All Shapes 200 All Shapes 500 All Shapes


  • Open up the demo and watch the default geometrized seagull gradually take form.
  • Pick your own image via "Open Image", and click on the "Settings" button to reveal various different shape and iteration settings.
  • Once you are happy with the results, hit one of the "Save" buttons to save a copy of the geometrized image.

Examples And Screenshots

Geometrized public domain artwork and photos:

Geometrized Train 230 Rotated Ellipses Geometrized Flower - 330 Rotated Ellipses Geometrized Woodland Cemetery - 600 Rotated Rectangles Geometrized Pomegranate - 300 Rotated Ellipses Geometrized Tree Under Clouds 210 Ellipses Geometrized Monarch Butterfly - 800 Various Shapes Geometrized Chomsky - 300 Triangles Geometrized Trees 250 Rotated Ellipses

For more examples, see the Geometrize gallery.


  • Got an idea or suggestion? Open an issue on GitHub, or send Sam a message on Twitter.
  • The Geometrize Haxe library is available as a haxelib.
  • Find more code related to Geometrize here.


🌐 Web demo using the Geometrize Haxe library to recreate images with geometric primitives





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