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Click to Call Laravel

An application example implementing Click to Call using Twilio.

Read the full tutorial here!

Local Development

  1. Grab latest source

     $ git clone git://
  2. Setup your environment variables

    Are you using a bash shell? Use echo $SHELL to find out. For a bash shell, edit the ~/.bashrc or ~/.bashprofile file and add:

     export TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     export TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
     export TWILIO_NUMBER=+15556667777

    Or just export the same variables for this session.

  3. Install the dependencies with Composer.

    $ composer install
  4. Generate an APP_KEY.

    $ php artisan key:generate
  5. Start the server.

    $ php artisan serve
  6. Expose the application to the wider internet

  7. Check out the app at http://<sub-domain>

Expose the Application to the Wider Internet

  1. Expose your application to the wider internet using ngrok. You can clickhere for more details. This step is important because the application won't work as expected if you run it through localhost.
 $ ngrok http 8000

Once ngrok is running, open up your browser and go to your ngrok URL. It will look something like this: http://<sub-domain>


  • No warranty expressed or implied. Software is as is. Diggity.
  • MIT License
  • Lovingly crafted by Twilio Developer Education.
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