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C# implementation of Twilio Chat using ASP.NET MVC
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Twilio Chat - ASP.NET MVC

C# implementation of Twilio Chat using ASP.NET MVC

Build status

Local Development

  1. Clone this repository and cd into its directory:

    git clone
    cd twiliochat-csharp
  2. Create a new file TwilioChat.Web/Local.config and update the content with:

      <add key="TwilioAccountSid" value="Your Twilio Account SID" />
      <add key="TwilioApiKey" value="Your Twilio API Key" />
      <add key="TwilioApiSecret" value="Your Twilio API Secret" />
      <add key="TwilioIpmServiceSid" value="Your Chat Service SID" />

    As usual your TwilioAccountSid can be found at

    Your TwilioApiKey and TwilioApiSecret can be found at

    And finally, your TwilioIpmServiceSid can be found at

  3. Build the solution.

  4. Run the application.

  5. Check it out at http://localhost:1398

That's it!


  • No warranty expressed or implied. Software is as is. Diggity.
  • MIT License
  • Lovingly crafted by Twilio Developer Education.
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