Leaflet plugin for Google Places Autocomplete
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Leaflet Google Places Autocomplete

Simple extension to add Google Places autocomplete into map.



bower install --save leaflet-google-places-autocomplete


npm install --save leaflet-google-places-autocomplete


Make sure you have Google Places library with valid API key loaded on page.

    <script src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=<key>&libraries=places"></script>
new L.Control.GPlaceAutocomplete().addTo(map);
new L.Control.GPlaceAutocomplete({
    position: "topleft",
    callback: function(location){
        // object of google place is given




These options can be set up when creating the control with autocompleteOptions.

Option Default Version Description
position topright v0.0.5 any valid LeafLet position
prepend true:bool v0.0.5 If true, control will prepended to other existing controls, if false, control will be appended
callback - v0.0.5 any valid function as callback. By default internal callback is set and just pan the map to found position
autocomplete_options {} v0.0.5 default options for google autocomplete
collapsed_mode false:bool v0.0.6 if set to true, then just click-able icon will be displayed