Leaflet plugin for Google Places Autocomplete
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Leaflet Google Places Autocomplete

Simple extension to add Google Places autocomplete into map.



bower install --save leaflet-google-places-autocomplete


npm install --save leaflet-google-places-autocomplete


Make sure you have Google Places library with valid API key loaded on page.

    <script src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=<key>&libraries=places"></script>
new L.Control.GPlaceAutocomplete().addTo(map);
new L.Control.GPlaceAutocomplete({
	callback: function(place){
		var loc = place.geometry.location;
		map.setView( [loc.lat(), loc.lng()], 18);



These options can be set up when creating the control with autocompleteOptions.

Option Default Version Description
position topright v0.0.5 any valid LeafLet position
prepend true:bool v0.0.5 If true, control will prepended to other existing controls, if false, control will be appended
callback - v0.0.5 any valid function as callback. By default internal callback is set and just pan the map to found position
autocomplete_options {} v0.0.5 default options for google autocomplete
collapsed_mode false:bool v0.0.6 if set to true, then just click-able icon will be displayed