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Let's say you write software. Maybe you've dabbled with package managers. Such helpful little building blocks. They all come with versions. Lots of them, in all different schemes, systems, shapes, sizes. They're changing all the time, and no-one knows why.

Semantic versioning is here to help. It helps producers and consumers of software, and end users too, by allowing everyone involved to communicate about each how each release changes the product. For more on semantic versioning, see

Vrsnr is a set of tools to help keep your library/app/whatever's version up to date. One vrsn command can increment the version by modifying the file containing its definition.

It can do other neat things too, like understand plain integer version numbers, like for builds. And it's extensible!


If I just want to change the version currently written in a file and save it, I can issue a command like one of these:

vrsn major --file ~/MyProject/Config.xcconfig --key CURRENT_PROJECT_VERSION
vrsn --numeric --file ~/MyProject/Config.xcconfig --key DYLIB_CURRENT_VERSION
What else can you do with it?
  • automatically revision every build in a pre-commit hook... "command-that-increases-version"! That's vrsn!!
  • bump version numbers in package manager specfiles or deliverables
  • add special information to the version before an automated staging build

...and much more!


brew tap tworingsoft/formulae
brew install vrsn

# or 

brew install tworingsoft/formulae/vrsn

# don't forget to read the fine print!

vrsn --help


brew update
brew upgrade [tworingsoft/formulae/]vrsn

Building & testing

The command line application is built with the vrsn target and Mac app with Vrsnr. App tests are run via VrsnrTests and CLI tests via vrsnTests. Travis runs both test schemes using Scripts/

If you make a change that breaks vrsnTests because the baseline output needs to be updated, run rake update_baselines. Don't check in vrsnTests/rsults.

Supported file formats

vrsn currently knows how to parse the value of a given key from the following file types:

  • .xcconfig
  • .plist
  • .podspec


Bugfixes, new file type support, and new feature requests are welcomed! Please do the following:

  • open an issue
  • fork the repo
  • make changes and test
  • open a pull request linking to the issue

Future work

  • More filetypes
  • Git tagging
  • Caching
  • Mac app front end


Issues and pull requests are welcome!

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