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Tyk Pro Demo using Docker

This compose file is designed to provide a quick, simple demo of the Tyk stack, this includes Tyk Gateway, Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Portal, Mongo, & Redis.

This repo great for proof of concept and demo purpose, but if you want test performance, you need to move each component to separate machine, following our documentation

Step 1: Add your dashboard license

Open the tyk_analytics.env file in the confs/ folder and add your license string to the first line.

Step 2: Initialise the Docker containers

Run docker compose:

$ docker-compose up

Please note that this command may take a while to complete, as Docker needs to download and provision all of the containers.

This will run in non-daemonised mode so you can see all the output.

Step 3: Bootstrap the Tyk installation

Bootstrap the instance:

Open your browser to http://localhost:3000. You will be presented with the Bootstrap UI to create your first organisation and admin user.

Bringing down

To delete all containers as well as remove all volumes from your host:

$ docker-compose down -v


Tyk Pro demo using docker and docker compose, supercedes tyk_quickstart



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