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NOTE: I've joined the Gatsby open source team to work on Gatsby and WordPress. For that reason this package will no longer be maintained. Watch out for good things coming to the Gatsby/WordPress world!

Wordsby logo

Wordsby (WIP)

The goal of this project is to make it as easy as possible for WP developers to switch to Gatsby development with absolutely no compromises.

Wordsby Admin commits data and files from your WP instance directly to your gatsby repo. This fixes a lot of the issues around gatsby-source-wordpress for large sites.

NOTE: I'm using Wordsby in production with no problems, even though it's a WIP. Currently wordsby just works with plain .js files. .jsx, .tsx and .ts files don't work yet.

Wordsby is currently macos only but should theoretically work fine on linux.

Sites built with Wordsby

Set up

  1. Install Wordsby Admin, the WordPress admin theme.
  2. Install the Wordsby Starter with gatsby new wordsby-starter
  3. Connect your WP instance to your Gatsby repo.

Check the wiki for more info.

Feature list

  • WordPress data and media files are commited directly to your git repo (like netlify cms).
  • The admin preview button just works
  • Use any frontend WP plugin using the <PsychicWindow /> component.
  • Page url structure is taken from WordPress permalinks
  • WP menus work out of the box using <MenuItems slug="menu-slug" />
  • No need to edit gatsby-node.js as the site structure is taken from WordPress
  • WordPress page template picker is connected to Gatsby
  • Basic template hierarchy with fallback template support so editors and admins can't break the build by selecting the wrong template
  • Automatic Yoast SEO support.
  • Backend view page links point to your Gatsby frontend
  • Any post or page can become an archive page with pagination via a checkbox on each post/page edit screen
  • Taxonomy term and archive pages are built automatically if there is a template for them in gatsby
  • Page context contains previous / next post names and links relative to the current page
  • Schema builder post type to build out your graphql schema and prevent the missing data bug in gatsby that breaks your build when you're missing acf flexible content fields, one post of every post type, and one category.
  • Ability to run your 5,000+ page WordPress site on $2/month shared hosting and get the performance of a finely tuned VPS

Bonus features:

  • Improved WP admin theme
  • Automatically downloaded unsplash nature avatars for all users
  • Faster gatsby develop for small to medium sized sites since images & data are always local
  • ACF-to-REST and WP-API-Menus plugins are not needed as ACF/menu support is built in


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