The complete workshop for picking up TypeScript
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TypeScript Workshop

The complete workshop for picking up TypeScript.

This workshop is a mirror of the current TypeScript stable release. If something is missing, create an issue and it will be included ASAP.

Getting Started

You've cloned this repo, great! Now npm install and open your IDE of choice (I use Atom and atom-typescript). At any point looking through these, I recommend you play around and take a look at output/ (build with npm run build) for the JavaScript output.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Type System Introduction
  3. JavaScript Features (with TypeScript)
  4. Project
  5. Diving Deeper
  6. Integration



Always use let and const over var, with const preferred over let. TypeScript will handle this properly and the compiler will error if const is being reassigned. const and let are introduced in Chapter 3.