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Checks TypeScript types match expected values
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TS Expect

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Checks TypeScript types match expected values.

Why? This is useful for designing type assertions against the TypeScript compiler. It allows you to catch a subset of issues in the compiler before runtime.


npm install ts-expect --save


import { expectType, TypeOf, TypeEqual } from "ts-expect";

expectType<string>(123); // Compiler error!

expectType<TypeOf<number, 123>>(true);
expectType<TypeEqual<"test", "test">>(true);


export Type = "foo" | "bar";

function validateType(type: string): type is Type {
  if (type === "foo") {
    expectType<TypeOf<typeof type, Type>>(true); // Compiler error! Forgot `type === "bar"`.
    return true;

  return false;

function doSomething(type: Type) {
  if (type === "foo") return; // Do something with `foo`.

  expectType<never>(type); // Compiler error! Forgot `type === "bar"`.

  throw new TypeError(`Unknown type: ${type}`)

// Test function signatures.
expectType<TypeOf<[number], Parameters<typeof validateType>>>(false);

Prior Works

Some great prior works have been mentioned after publishing this package:

  • dtslint does type checks via comment directives and inspired this approach of using the compiler
  • tsd-check is a CLI that runs the TypeScript type checker over assertions
  • type-plus comes with various type and runtime TypeScript assertions
  • static-type-assert exposes a similar API surface with some type assertion functions



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