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@cspotcode cspotcode released this
· 66 commits to main since this release

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  • Adds workaround for extensionless entrypoints with ESM loader (#1649, #1654)
    • You can now combine tools such as mocha with --loader ts-node/esm, where previously node would throw [ERR_UNKNOWN_FILE_EXTENSION]
    • node has a bug where combining --loader with an extensionless entrypoint causes this error nodejs/node#33226
    • Some tools, for example mocha, have an extensionless entrypoint. (source, source)
    • Combining NODE_OPTIONS=--loader ts-node/esm with these tools causes this error. mochajs/mocha#4645
    • node intends to fix this bug in a future release: nodejs/node#41711
    • In the interim, we have implemented a workaround in ts-node.
  • Adds support for target "ES2022" in moduleTypes overrides (#1650)


  • Fixed bug where --swc and other third-party transpilers did not respect moduleTypes overrides (#1651, #1652, #1660)
  • Fixed bug where node flags were not preserved correctly in process.execArgv (#1657, #1658)
    • This affected child_process.fork(), since it uses process.execArgv to create a similar child runtime.
    • With this fix, child_process.fork() will preserve both node flags and ts-node hooks.
  • Fixed compatibility TypeScript 4.7's API changes (#1647, #1648)