Liste alle verfügbaren Airlines inklusive Airline Code, Name, Land und Logo. Alle Logos können bequemt per CSS eingebunden und genutzt werden.
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Typisch Touristik

Liste alle Airlines inkl. Airline Code, Name, Land, Kommentar und Logo.

--- ## Install ## `bower install tt-static-airlines --save`


Add the airline.css to your project. Add a class i-airline-{Airline Code} wherever you want to use the airline logo. Let's take a look at the example for "Air Berlin":

<i class="i-airline i-airline-ab"></i>

List of all available logos

Airline Code HTML Logo
Blue Air 0B <i class="i-airline i-airline-0b"></i> Blue Air
Radixx Solutions International 1D <i class="i-airline i-airline-1d"></i> Radixx Solutions International
Deutsche Bahn 2A <i class="i-airline i-airline-2a"></i> Deutsche Bahn
Aerocondor 2B <i class="i-airline i-airline-2b"></i> Aerocondor
SNCF 2C <i class="i-airline i-airline-2c"></i> SNCF
Angara Airlines 2G <i class="i-airline i-airline-2g"></i> Angara Airlines
Thalys 2H <i class="i-airline i-airline-2h"></i> Thalys
Star Perú 2I <i class="i-airline i-airline-2i"></i> Star Perú
Air Burkina 2J <i class="i-airline i-airline-2j"></i> Air Burkina
AeroGal 2K <i class="i-airline i-airline-2k"></i> AeroGal
Helvetic Airways 2L <i class="i-airline i-airline-2l"></i> Helvetic Airways
Transportes Aéreos Bolivianos 2L <i class="i-airline i-airline-2l"></i> Transportes Aéreos Bolivianos
Moldavian Airlines 2M <i class="i-airline i-airline-2m"></i> Moldavian Airlines
Nextjet 2N <i class="i-airline i-airline-2n"></i> Nextjet
PAL Express 2P <i class="i-airline i-airline-2p"></i> PAL Express
Canada 3000 2T <i class="i-airline i-airline-2t"></i> Canada 3000
Amtrak 2V <i class="i-airline i-airline-2v"></i> Amtrak
Welcome Air 2W <i class="i-airline i-airline-2w"></i> Welcome Air
Air Plus Comet 2Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-2z"></i> Air Plus Comet
Chang An Airlines 2Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-2z"></i> Chang An Airlines
Passaredo Linhas Aéreas 2Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-2z"></i> Passaredo Linhas Aéreas
Central Connect Airlines 3B <i class="i-airline i-airline-3b"></i> Central Connect Airlines
Air Inuit 3H <i class="i-airline i-airline-3h"></i> Air Inuit
Jetstar Asia Airways 3K <i class="i-airline i-airline-3k"></i> Jetstar Asia Airways
Tatonduk Flying Service 3K <i class="i-airline i-airline-3k"></i> Tatonduk Flying Service
Intersky 3L <i class="i-airline i-airline-3l"></i> Intersky
Gulfstream International Airlines 3M <i class="i-airline i-airline-3m"></i> Gulfstream International Airlines
Silver Airways 3M <i class="i-airline i-airline-3m"></i> Silver Airways
Air Arabia Maroc 3O <i class="i-airline i-airline-3o"></i> Air Arabia Maroc
Tiara Air 3P <i class="i-airline i-airline-3p"></i> Tiara Air
Avior Regional 3R <i class="i-airline i-airline-3r"></i> Avior Regional
Aerologic 3S <i class="i-airline i-airline-3s"></i> Aerologic
Air Antilles Express 3S <i class="i-airline i-airline-3s"></i> Air Antilles Express
Sichuan Airlines 3U <i class="i-airline i-airline-3u"></i> Sichuan Airlines
AIRES 4C <i class="i-airline i-airline-4c"></i> AIRES
LAN Colombia 4C <i class="i-airline i-airline-4c"></i> LAN Colombia
Advance Leasing Company 4G <i class="i-airline i-airline-4g"></i> Advance Leasing Company
Gazpromavia 4G <i class="i-airline i-airline-4g"></i> Gazpromavia
Shenzhen Airlines 4G <i class="i-airline i-airline-4g"></i> Shenzhen Airlines
Fly Linhas Aéreas 4H <i class="i-airline i-airline-4h"></i> Fly Linhas Aéreas
United Airways 4H <i class="i-airline i-airline-4h"></i> United Airways
Flydamas Airlines 4J <i class="i-airline i-airline-4j"></i> Flydamas Airlines
LAN Argentina 4M <i class="i-airline i-airline-4m"></i> LAN Argentina
Air North 4N <i class="i-airline i-airline-4n"></i> Air North
Interjet 4O <i class="i-airline i-airline-4o"></i> Interjet
Air Italy Polska 4Q <i class="i-airline i-airline-4q"></i> Air Italy Polska
Air Poland 4Q <i class="i-airline i-airline-4q"></i> Air Poland
Safi Airways 4Q <i class="i-airline i-airline-4q"></i> Safi Airways
Orient Eagle Airways 4R <i class="i-airline i-airline-4r"></i> Orient Eagle Airways
Royal Flight Airlines 4R <i class="i-airline i-airline-4r"></i> Royal Flight Airlines
Germanwings 4U <i class="i-airline i-airline-4u"></i> Germanwings
Tavaj Linhas Aereas 4U <i class="i-airline i-airline-4u"></i> Tavaj Linhas Aereas
South African Airlink 4Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-4z"></i> South African Airlink
Bassaka Air 5B <i class="i-airline i-airline-5b"></i> Bassaka Air
Trans International Express 5B <i class="i-airline i-airline-5b"></i> Trans International Express
Arctic Circle Air Service 5F <i class="i-airline i-airline-5f"></i> Arctic Circle Air Service
Fly540 5H <i class="i-airline i-airline-5h"></i> Fly540
Cebu Pacific 5J <i class="i-airline i-airline-5j"></i> Cebu Pacific
Nordavia (Russland) 5N <i class="i-airline i-airline-5n"></i> Nordavia (Russland)
Europe Airpost 5O <i class="i-airline i-airline-5o"></i> Europe Airpost
ACM Air Charter 5P <i class="i-airline i-airline-5p"></i> ACM Air Charter
Pena Transportes Aéreos 5P <i class="i-airline i-airline-5p"></i> Pena Transportes Aéreos
Skyeurope Hungary 5P <i class="i-airline i-airline-5p"></i> Skyeurope Hungary
Canadian North 5T <i class="i-airline i-airline-5t"></i> Canadian North
Transwede Airways 5T <i class="i-airline i-airline-5t"></i> Transwede Airways
Astraeus Airlines 5W <i class="i-airline i-airline-5w"></i> Astraeus Airlines
WESTbahn Management 5W <i class="i-airline i-airline-5w"></i> WESTbahn Management
Airfreight Express 5Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-5z"></i> Airfreight Express
CemAir 5Z <i class="i-airline i-airline-5z"></i> CemAir
IndiGo Airlines 6E <i class="i-airline i-airline-6e"></i> IndiGo Airlines
Primera Air Nordic 6F <i class="i-airline i-airline-6f"></i> Primera Air Nordic
Israir 6H <i class="i-airline i-airline-6h"></i> Israir
Air Alsie 6I <i class="i-airline i-airline-6i"></i> Air Alsie
Saravia / Saratov Airlines 6W <i class="i-airline i-airline-6w"></i> Saravia / Saratov Airlines
SmartLynx Airlines 6Y <i class="i-airline i-airline-6y"></i> SmartLynx Airlines
Fly Blue Crane 7B <i class="i-airline i-airline-7b"></i> Fly Blue Crane
Coyne Airways 7C <i class="i-airline i-airline-7c"></i> Coyne Airways
Jeju Air 7C <i class="i-airline i-airline-7c"></i> Jeju Air
MGC Aviation 7C <i class="i-airline i-airline-7c"></i> MGC Aviation
First Air 7F <i class="i-airline i-airline-7f"></i> First Air
Corvus Airlines 7H <i class="i-airline i-airline-7h"></i> Corvus Airlines
Era Alaska 7H <i class="i-airline i-airline-7h"></i> Era Alaska
Era Aviation 7H <i class="i-airline i-airline-7h"></i> Era Aviation
Skagway Air Service 7J <i class="i-airline i-airline-7j"></i> Skagway Air Service
Tajikistan Airlines 7J <i class="i-airline i-airline-7j"></i> Tajikistan Airlines
CSafe Global 7J <i class="i-airline i-airline-7j"></i> CSafe Global
Kolavia 7K <i class="i-airline i-airline-7k"></i> Kolavia
Aerocaribbean 7L <i class="i-airline i-airline-7l"></i> Aerocaribbean
Silk Way West Airlines 7L <i class="i-airline i-airline-7l"></i> Silk Way West Airlines
Air Panama 7P <i class="i-airline i-airline-7p"></i> Air Panama
APA International Air 7P <i class="i-airline i-airline-7p"></i> APA International Air
RusLine 7R <i class="i-airline i-airline-7r"></i> RusLine
Austin Express 7V <i class="i-airline i-airline-7v"></i> Austin Express
Federal Air 7V <i class="i-airline i-airline-7v"></i> Federal Air
Wind Rose Aviation 7W <i class="i-airline i-airline-7w"></i> Wind Rose Aviation
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines 7Y <i class="i-airline i-airline-7y"></i> Mann Yadanarpon Airlines
Med Airways 7Y <i class="i-airline i-airline-7y"></i> Med Airways
Mid Airlines 7Y <i class="i-airline i-airline-7y"></i> Mid Airlines
Expo Aviation 8D <i class="i-airline i-airline-8d"></i> Expo Aviation
FitsAir 8D <i class="i-airline i-airline-8d"></i> FitsAir
Interavia Airlines 8D <i class="i-airline i-airline-8d"></i> Interavia Airlines
Servant Air 8D <i class="i-airline i-airline-8d"></i> Servant Air
BH Air 8H <i class="i-airline i-airline-8h"></i> BH Air
Equaflight Service 8H <i class="i-airline i-airline-8h"></i> Equaflight Service
EcoJet 8J <i class="i-airline i-airline-8j"></i> EcoJet
Jet4you 8J <i class="i-airline i-airline-8j"></i> Jet4you
Kominteravia 8J <i class="i-airline i-airline-8j"></i> Kominteravia
Cargo Plus Aviation 8L <i class="i-airline i-airline-8l"></i> Cargo Plus Aviation
Lucky Air 8L <i class="i-airline i-airline-8l"></i> Lucky Air
Newair 8L <i class="i-airline i-airline-8l"></i> Newair
Maxair 8M <i class="i-airline i-airline-8m"></i> Maxair
Myanmar Airways International 8M <i class="i-airline i-airline-8m"></i> Myanmar Airways International
Pacific Coastal Airlines 8P <i class="i-airline i-airline-8p"></i> Pacific Coastal Airlines
Payam Aviation Services 8P <i class="i-airline i-airline-8p"></i> Payam Aviation Services
Baker Aviation 8Q <i class="i-airline i-airline-8q"></i> Baker Aviation
Onur Air 8Q <i class="i-airline i-airline-8q"></i> Onur Air
Sol Líneas Aéreas 8R <i class="i-airline i-airline-8r"></i> Sol Líneas Aéreas
AccesRail 9B <i class="i-airline i-airline-9b"></i> AccesRail
Gill Airways 9C <i class="i-airline i-airline-9c"></i> Gill Airways
Spring Airlines 9C <i class="i-airline i-airline-9c"></i> Spring Airlines
Samair 9C <i class="i-airline i-airline-9c"></i> Samair
Endeavor Air 9E <i class="i-airline i-airline-9e"></i> Endeavor Air
Eurostar International 9F <i class="i-airline i-airline-9f"></i> Eurostar International
9G Rail 9G <i class="i-airline i-airline-9g"></i> 9G Rail
Galaxy Airways 9G <i class="i-airline i-airline-9g"></i> Galaxy Airways
Chang An Airlines 9H <i class="i-airline i-airline-9h"></i> Chang An Airlines
Medavia 9H <i class="i-airline i-airline-9h"></i> Medavia
Ecoair International 9H <i class="i-airline i-airline-9h"></i> Ecoair International
MDLR Airlines 9H <i class="i-airline i-airline-9h"></i> MDLR Airlines
Alliance Air 9I <i class="i-airline i-airline-9i"></i> Alliance Air
Dana Airlines 9J <i class="i-airline i-airline-9j"></i> Dana Airlines
Pacific Island Aviation 9J <i class="i-airline i-airline-9j"></i> Pacific Island Aviation
Cape Air 9K <i class="i-airline i-airline-9k"></i> Cape Air
Central Mountain Air 9M <i class="i-airline i-airline-9m"></i> Central Mountain Air
Trans States Airlines 9N <i class="i-airline i-airline-9n"></i> Trans States Airlines
Tropic Air 9N <i class="i-airline i-airline-9n"></i> Tropic Air
Phuket Airlines 9R <i class="i-airline i-airline-9r"></i> Phuket Airlines
SATENA 9R <i class="i-airline i-airline-9r"></i> SATENA
Air Moldova 9U <i class="i-airline i-airline-9u"></i> Air Moldova
Avior Airlines 9V <i class="i-airline i-airline-9v"></i> Avior Airlines
Vipair Airlines 9V <i class="i-airline i-airline-9v"></i> Vipair Airlines
Jet Airways 9W <i class="i-airline i-airline-9w"></i> Jet Airways
Astra Airlines A2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a2"></i> Astra Airlines
Cielos del Perú A2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a2"></i> Cielos del Perú
Aegean Airlines A3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a3"></i> Aegean Airlines
Aerocon A4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a4"></i> Aerocon
Southern Winds A4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a4"></i> Southern Winds
Airlinair A5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a5"></i> Airlinair
Hop! A5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a5"></i> Hop!
Tikal Jets A5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a5"></i> Tikal Jets
Air Alps A6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a6"></i> Air Alps
Georgian Airways A9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-a9"></i> Georgian Airways
American Airlines AA <i class="i-airline i-airline-aa"></i> American Airlines
Air Berlin AB <i class="i-airline i-airline-ab"></i> Air Berlin
Air Canada AC <i class="i-airline i-airline-ac"></i> Air Canada
Air Paradise AD <i class="i-airline i-airline-ad"></i> Air Paradise
Avialeasing Aviation AD <i class="i-airline i-airline-ad"></i> Avialeasing Aviation
Azul AD <i class="i-airline i-airline-ad"></i> Azul
Air France AF <i class="i-airline i-airline-af"></i> Air France
Air Algérie AH <i class="i-airline i-airline-ah"></i> Air Algérie
Air India AI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ai"></i> Air India
Air Belgium AJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-aj"></i> Air Belgium
Aztec Airways AJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-aj"></i> Aztec Airways
Air Asia AK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ak"></i> Air Asia
Airways International Cymru AK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ak"></i> Airways International Cymru
Aeroméxico AM <i class="i-airline i-airline-am"></i> Aeroméxico
Air One AP <i class="i-airline i-airline-ap"></i> Air One
Alba Star AP <i class="i-airline i-airline-ap"></i> Alba Star
9 Air AQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-aq"></i> 9 Air
Aloha Airlines AQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-aq"></i> Aloha Airlines
Aquila Airways AQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-aq"></i> Aquila Airways
Aerolíneas Argentinas AR <i class="i-airline i-airline-ar"></i> Aerolíneas Argentinas
Alaska Airlines AS <i class="i-airline i-airline-as"></i> Alaska Airlines
Royal Air Maroc AT <i class="i-airline i-airline-at"></i> Royal Air Maroc
Austral AU <i class="i-airline i-airline-au"></i> Austral
Avianca AV <i class="i-airline i-airline-av"></i> Avianca
Finnair AY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ay"></i> Finnair
Alitalia AZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-az"></i> Alitalia
La Compagnie B0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b0"></i> La Compagnie
Belavia B2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b2"></i> Belavia
JetBlue Airways B6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b6"></i> JetBlue Airways
Uni Air B7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b7"></i> Uni Air
Air Bangladesh B9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b9"></i> Air Bangladesh
Iran Airtour B9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-b9"></i> Iran Airtour
British Airways BA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ba"></i> British Airways
British Overseas Airways Corporation BA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ba"></i> British Overseas Airways Corporation
Seaborne Airlines BB <i class="i-airline i-airline-bb"></i> Seaborne Airlines
Skymark Airlines BC <i class="i-airline i-airline-bc"></i> Skymark Airlines
British Midland Airways / bmi BD <i class="i-airline i-airline-bd"></i> British Midland Airways / bmi
Cambodia Bayon Airlines BD <i class="i-airline i-airline-bd"></i> Cambodia Bayon Airlines
British European Airways BE <i class="i-airline i-airline-be"></i> British European Airways
Flybe BE <i class="i-airline i-airline-be"></i> Flybe
Jersey European Airways BE <i class="i-airline i-airline-be"></i> Jersey European Airways
Biman Bangladesh Airlines BG <i class="i-airline i-airline-bg"></i> Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Hawkair BH <i class="i-airline i-airline-bh"></i> Hawkair
Royal Brunei Airlines BI <i class="i-airline i-airline-bi"></i> Royal Brunei Airlines
Bakhtar Afghan Airlines BJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-bj"></i> Bakhtar Afghan Airlines
Nouvelair BJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-bj"></i> Nouvelair
BKS Air Transport BK <i class="i-airline i-airline-bk"></i> BKS Air Transport
MidAtlantic Airways BK <i class="i-airline i-airline-bk"></i> MidAtlantic Airways
Okay Airways BK <i class="i-airline i-airline-bk"></i> Okay Airways
Potomac Air BK <i class="i-airline i-airline-bk"></i> Potomac Air
JetstarPacific BL <i class="i-airline i-airline-bl"></i> JetstarPacific
Aero Trasporti Italiani (ATI) BM <i class="i-airline i-airline-bm"></i> Aero Trasporti Italiani (ATI)
Air Sicilia BM <i class="i-airline i-airline-bm"></i> Air Sicilia
Bayu Indonesia Air BM <i class="i-airline i-airline-bm"></i> Bayu Indonesia Air
bmi regional BM <i class="i-airline i-airline-bm"></i> bmi regional
Air Botswana BP <i class="i-airline i-airline-bp"></i> Air Botswana
British Caledonian Airways BR <i class="i-airline i-airline-br"></i> British Caledonian Airways
British United Airways BR <i class="i-airline i-airline-br"></i> British United Airways
EVA Air BR <i class="i-airline i-airline-br"></i> EVA Air
AirBaltic BT <i class="i-airline i-airline-bt"></i> AirBaltic
Blue Panorama Airlines BV <i class="i-airline i-airline-bv"></i> Blue Panorama Airlines
BWIA West Indies Airways BW <i class="i-airline i-airline-bw"></i> BWIA West Indies Airways
Caribbean Airlines BW <i class="i-airline i-airline-bw"></i> Caribbean Airlines
Britannia Airways BY <i class="i-airline i-airline-by"></i> Britannia Airways
Thomsonfly BY <i class="i-airline i-airline-by"></i> Thomsonfly
Thomson Airways BY <i class="i-airline i-airline-by"></i> Thomson Airways
CanJet Airlines C6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-c6"></i> CanJet Airlines
CHEP Aerospace Solutions C6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-c6"></i> CHEP Aerospace Solutions
Aero Continente Chile C7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-c7"></i> Aero Continente Chile
Cinnamon Air C7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-c7"></i> Cinnamon Air
Rico Linhas Aereas C7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-c7"></i> Rico Linhas Aereas
Air China CA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ca"></i> Air China
CAAC CA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ca"></i> CAAC
Capital Airlines CA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ca"></i> Capital Airlines
Corendon Dutch Airlines CD <i class="i-airline i-airline-cd"></i> Corendon Dutch Airlines
Airlines PNG CG <i class="i-airline i-airline-cg"></i> Airlines PNG
China Airlines CI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ci"></i> China Airlines
BA CityFlyer CJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cj"></i> BA CityFlyer
China Northern Airlines CJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cj"></i> China Northern Airlines
Capitol Air CL <i class="i-airline i-airline-cl"></i> Capitol Air
Lufthansa CityLine CL <i class="i-airline i-airline-cl"></i> Lufthansa CityLine
Tempelhof Airways CL <i class="i-airline i-airline-cl"></i> Tempelhof Airways
Copa Airlines CM <i class="i-airline i-airline-cm"></i> Copa Airlines
Grand China Air CN <i class="i-airline i-airline-cn"></i> Grand China Air
Islands Nationair CN <i class="i-airline i-airline-cn"></i> Islands Nationair
Westward Airways CN <i class="i-airline i-airline-cn"></i> Westward Airways
Torosair CN <i class="i-airline i-airline-cn"></i> Torosair
Continental Airlines CO <i class="i-airline i-airline-co"></i> Continental Airlines
Charterlines CQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cq"></i> Charterlines
Coastal Aviation CQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cq"></i> Coastal Aviation
Sunshine Express Airlines CQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cq"></i> Sunshine Express Airlines
Alitalia CityLiner CT <i class="i-airline i-airline-ct"></i> Alitalia CityLiner
Cubana CU <i class="i-airline i-airline-cu"></i> Cubana
Air Chathams CV <i class="i-airline i-airline-cv"></i> Air Chathams
Cargolux CV <i class="i-airline i-airline-cv"></i> Cargolux
Cathay Pacific CX <i class="i-airline i-airline-cx"></i> Cathay Pacific
Cyprus Airways CY <i class="i-airline i-airline-cy"></i> Cyprus Airways
Cascade Airways CZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cz"></i> Cascade Airways
China Southern Airlines CZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-cz"></i> China Southern Airlines
Daallo Airlines D3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d3"></i> Daallo Airlines
Airasia X D7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d7"></i> Airasia X
Dinar Líneas Aéreas D7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d7"></i> Dinar Líneas Aéreas
Diamond Sakha Airlines D8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d8"></i> Diamond Sakha Airlines
Djibouti Airlines D8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d8"></i> Djibouti Airlines
Norwegian Air International D8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d8"></i> Norwegian Air International
Aeroflot-Don D9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d9"></i> Aeroflot-Don
Donavia D9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-d9"></i> Donavia
Brit Air DB <i class="i-airline i-airline-db"></i> Brit Air
BRA DC <i class="i-airline i-airline-dc"></i> BRA
Sverigeflyg DC <i class="i-airline i-airline-dc"></i> Sverigeflyg
Amber Airways DD <i class="i-airline i-airline-dd"></i> Amber Airways
Atlantic Coast Jet DD <i class="i-airline i-airline-dd"></i> Atlantic Coast Jet
Conti-Flug DD <i class="i-airline i-airline-dd"></i> Conti-Flug
Nok Air DD <i class="i-airline i-airline-dd"></i> Nok Air
Condor Flugdienst DE <i class="i-airline i-airline-de"></i> Condor Flugdienst
Custom Air Transport DG <i class="i-airline i-airline-dg"></i> Custom Air Transport
Air Djibouti DI <i class="i-airline i-airline-di"></i> Air Djibouti
dba DI <i class="i-airline i-airline-di"></i> dba
Deutsche BA DI <i class="i-airline i-airline-di"></i> Deutsche BA
Norwegian Air UK DI <i class="i-airline i-airline-di"></i> Norwegian Air UK
AirAsia Japan DJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dj"></i> AirAsia Japan
Nordic European Airlines DJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dj"></i> Nordic European Airlines
Virgin Australia DJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dj"></i> Virgin Australia
Scanair DK <i class="i-airline i-airline-dk"></i> Scanair
Premiair DK <i class="i-airline i-airline-dk"></i> Premiair
MyTravel Airways DK <i class="i-airline i-airline-dk"></i> MyTravel Airways
Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia DK <i class="i-airline i-airline-dk"></i> Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
Delta Air Lines DL <i class="i-airline i-airline-dl"></i> Delta Air Lines
Air Exel Belgique DN <i class="i-airline i-airline-dn"></i> Air Exel Belgique
Sénégal Airlines DN <i class="i-airline i-airline-dn"></i> Sénégal Airlines
First Choice Airways DP <i class="i-airline i-airline-dp"></i> First Choice Airways
Air Link DR <i class="i-airline i-airline-dr"></i> Air Link
Hyeres Aero Service DR <i class="i-airline i-airline-dr"></i> Hyeres Aero Service
Mediterranean Air Service DR <i class="i-airline i-airline-dr"></i> Mediterranean Air Service
Ruili Airlines DR <i class="i-airline i-airline-dr"></i> Ruili Airlines
TAAG Angola Airways DT <i class="i-airline i-airline-dt"></i> TAAG Angola Airways
Hemus Air DU <i class="i-airline i-airline-du"></i> Hemus Air
Aircompany SCAT DV <i class="i-airline i-airline-dv"></i> Aircompany SCAT
Lufttaxi Flug DV <i class="i-airline i-airline-dv"></i> Lufttaxi Flug
Nantucket Airlines DV <i class="i-airline i-airline-dv"></i> Nantucket Airlines
Danish Air Transport DX <i class="i-airline i-airline-dx"></i> Danish Air Transport
Air Djibouti DY <i class="i-airline i-airline-dy"></i> Air Djibouti
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY <i class="i-airline i-airline-dy"></i> Norwegian Air Shuttle
Air Metro North DZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dz"></i> Air Metro North
Air Tropical DZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dz"></i> Air Tropical
Donghai Airlines DZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dz"></i> Donghai Airlines
Air Tropical DZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-dz"></i> Air Tropical
Air Arabia Egypt E5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-e5"></i> Air Arabia Egypt
Equaflight Service E7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-e7"></i> Equaflight Service
Estafeta Carga Aerea E7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-e7"></i> Estafeta Carga Aerea
European Aviation Air Charter E7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-e7"></i> European Aviation Air Charter
Alpi Eagles E8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-e8"></i> Alpi Eagles
Emery Worldwide Airlines EB <i class="i-airline i-airline-eb"></i> Emery Worldwide Airlines
Wamos Air EB <i class="i-airline i-airline-eb"></i> Wamos Air
Avialeasing Aviation EC <i class="i-airline i-airline-ec"></i> Avialeasing Aviation
East African Airways EC <i class="i-airline i-airline-ec"></i> East African Airways
Heli-Inter EC <i class="i-airline i-airline-ec"></i> Heli-Inter
OpenSkies EC <i class="i-airline i-airline-ec"></i> OpenSkies
Fly Caminter EF <i class="i-airline i-airline-ef"></i> Fly Caminter
Aer Lingus EI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ei"></i> Aer Lingus
Emirates EK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ek"></i> Emirates
Air Nippon EL <i class="i-airline i-airline-el"></i> Air Nippon
Ellinair EL <i class="i-airline i-airline-el"></i> Ellinair
Export Air Cargo EL <i class="i-airline i-airline-el"></i> Export Air Cargo
Air Dolomiti EN <i class="i-airline i-airline-en"></i> Air Dolomiti
Cal Air International EN <i class="i-airline i-airline-en"></i> Cal Air International
Novair International Airways EN <i class="i-airline i-airline-en"></i> Novair International Airways
Iran Aseman Airlines EP <i class="i-airline i-airline-ep"></i> Iran Aseman Airlines
TAME EQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-eq"></i> TAME
Ethiopian Airlines ET <i class="i-airline i-airline-et"></i> Ethiopian Airlines
Eurowings EW <i class="i-airline i-airline-ew"></i> Eurowings
Eagle Air EY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ey"></i> Eagle Air
Etihad Airways EY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ey"></i> Etihad Airways
Evergreen International Airlines EZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-ez"></i> Evergreen International Airlines
Sun Air of Scandinavia EZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-ez"></i> Sun Air of Scandinavia
Volare Aviation Enterprise F7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-f7"></i> Volare Aviation Enterprise
Darwin Airline F7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-f7"></i> Darwin Airline
Frontier Airlines F9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-f9"></i> Frontier Airlines
Safair FA <i class="i-airline i-airline-fa"></i> Safair
Bulgaria Air FB <i class="i-airline i-airline-fb"></i> Bulgaria Air
Fine Air FB <i class="i-airline i-airline-fb"></i> Fine Air
Falcon Express Cargo Airlines FC <i class="i-airline i-airline-fc"></i> Falcon Express Cargo Airlines
Tempelhof Express Airlines FC <i class="i-airline i-airline-fc"></i> Tempelhof Express Airlines
Flybe Nordic FC <i class="i-airline i-airline-fc"></i> Flybe Nordic
Viva Colombia FC <i class="i-airline i-airline-fc"></i> Viva Colombia
Cityflyer Express FD <i class="i-airline i-airline-fd"></i> Cityflyer Express
Thai AirAsia FD <i class="i-airline i-airline-fd"></i> Thai AirAsia
Far Eastern Air Transport FE <i class="i-airline i-airline-fe"></i> Far Eastern Air Transport
Royal Khmer Airlines FE <i class="i-airline i-airline-fe"></i> Royal Khmer Airlines
Ariana Afghan Airlines FG <i class="i-airline i-airline-fg"></i> Ariana Afghan Airlines
Icelandair FI <i class="i-airline i-airline-fi"></i> Icelandair
Air Pacific FJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fj"></i> Air Pacific
Fiji Airways FJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fj"></i> Fiji Airways
Fiji Link FJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fj"></i> Fiji Link
Air Sul FK <i class="i-airline i-airline-fk"></i> Air Sul
Keewatin Air FK <i class="i-airline i-airline-fk"></i> Keewatin Air
KF Cargo FK <i class="i-airline i-airline-fk"></i> KF Cargo
AirTran Airways FL <i class="i-airline i-airline-fl"></i> AirTran Airways
FedEx / Federal Express FM <i class="i-airline i-airline-fm"></i> FedEx / Federal Express
Shanghai Airlines FM <i class="i-airline i-airline-fm"></i> Shanghai Airlines
Fastjet Airlines FN <i class="i-airline i-airline-fn"></i> Fastjet Airlines
Regional Air Lines FN <i class="i-airline i-airline-fn"></i> Regional Air Lines
Brindabella Airlines FQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fq"></i> Brindabella Airlines
Ryanair FR <i class="i-airline i-airline-fr"></i> Ryanair
Servicios de Transportes Aéreos Fueguinos (STAF) FS <i class="i-airline i-airline-fs"></i> Servicios de Transportes Aéreos Fueguinos (STAF)
Syphax Airlines FS <i class="i-airline i-airline-fs"></i> Syphax Airlines
Pulkovo Airlines FV <i class="i-airline i-airline-fv"></i> Pulkovo Airlines
Rossija FV <i class="i-airline i-airline-fv"></i> Rossija
Viva Air FV <i class="i-airline i-airline-fv"></i> Viva Air
Firefly FY <i class="i-airline i-airline-fy"></i> Firefly
Air Facilities FZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fz"></i> Air Facilities
Broome Aviation FZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fz"></i> Broome Aviation
Fly Dubai FZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-fz"></i> Fly Dubai
Avirex G2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g2"></i> Avirex
Emerald Airways G3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g3"></i> Emerald Airways
Gol Linhas Aéreas G3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g3"></i> Gol Linhas Aéreas
Guizhou Airlines G4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g4"></i> Guizhou Airlines
Allegiant Air G4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g4"></i> Allegiant Air
GoAir G8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g8"></i> GoAir
Air Arabia G9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g9"></i> Air Arabia
Gol Linhas Aéreas G9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-g9"></i> Gol Linhas Aéreas
Garuda Indonesia GA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ga"></i> Garuda Indonesia
Gulf Air GF <i class="i-airline i-airline-gf"></i> Gulf Air
Ghana Airways GH <i class="i-airline i-airline-gh"></i> Ghana Airways
Globus Airlines GH <i class="i-airline i-airline-gh"></i> Globus Airlines
Eurofly GJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-gj"></i> Eurofly
Zhejiang Loong Airlines GJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-gj"></i> Zhejiang Loong Airlines
Jetstar Japan GK <i class="i-airline i-airline-gk"></i> Jetstar Japan
Air Greenland GL <i class="i-airline i-airline-gl"></i> Air Greenland
AirGlow Aviation Services GL <i class="i-airline i-airline-gl"></i> AirGlow Aviation Services
Miami Air International GL <i class="i-airline i-airline-gl"></i> Miami Air International
Air Slovakia GM <i class="i-airline i-airline-gm"></i> Air Slovakia
Germania Flug GM <i class="i-airline i-airline-gm"></i> Germania Flug
Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines GM <i class="i-airline i-airline-gm"></i> Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines
Gestair Executive Jet GP <i class="i-airline i-airline-gp"></i> Gestair Executive Jet
Pantanal Linhas Aéreas GP <i class="i-airline i-airline-gp"></i> Pantanal Linhas Aéreas
Big Sky Airlines GQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-gq"></i> Big Sky Airlines
Sky Express SA GQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-gq"></i> Sky Express SA
Aurigny Air Services GR <i class="i-airline i-airline-gr"></i> Aurigny Air Services
Gemini Air Cargo GR <i class="i-airline i-airline-gr"></i> Gemini Air Cargo
Airfoyle GS <i class="i-airline i-airline-gs"></i> Airfoyle
Grant Aviation GS <i class="i-airline i-airline-gs"></i> Grant Aviation
Tianjin Airlines GS <i class="i-airline i-airline-gs"></i> Tianjin Airlines
Kuban Airlines GW <i class="i-airline i-airline-gw"></i> Kuban Airlines
GX Airlines GX <i class="i-airline i-airline-gx"></i> GX Airlines
Pacificair GX <i class="i-airline i-airline-gx"></i> Pacificair
Air Rarotonga GZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-gz"></i> Air Rarotonga
Hahn Air Systems H1 <i class="i-airline i-airline-h1"></i> Hahn Air Systems
Hooters Air H1 <i class="i-airline i-airline-h1"></i> Hooters Air
City Bird H2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-h2"></i> City Bird
Sky Airline H2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-h2"></i> Sky Airline
Harbour Air H3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-h3"></i> Harbour Air
Hawaiian Airlines HA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ha"></i> Hawaiian Airlines
LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter HE <i class="i-airline i-airline-he"></i> LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter
Trans European Airways (TEA) HE <i class="i-airline i-airline-he"></i> Trans European Airways (TEA)
Air Côte d’Ivoire HF <i class="i-airline i-airline-hf"></i> Air Côte d’Ivoire
Hapag-Lloyd Flug HF <i class="i-airline i-airline-hf"></i> Hapag-Lloyd Flug
Niki Luftfahrt HG <i class="i-airline i-airline-hg"></i> Niki Luftfahrt
Air Seychelles HM <i class="i-airline i-airline-hm"></i> Air Seychelles
HeavyLift Cargo Airlines HN <i class="i-airline i-airline-hn"></i> HeavyLift Cargo Airlines
Proteus Helicopters HN <i class="i-airline i-airline-hn"></i> Proteus Helicopters
NLM City Hopper HN <i class="i-airline i-airline-hn"></i> NLM City Hopper
Antinea Airlines HO <i class="i-airline i-airline-ho"></i> Antinea Airlines
Juneyao Airlines HO <i class="i-airline i-airline-ho"></i> Juneyao Airlines
Thomas Cook Belgium Airlines HQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-hq"></i> Thomas Cook Belgium Airlines
Hahn Air Lines HR <i class="i-airline i-airline-hr"></i> Hahn Air Lines
Hainan Airlines HU <i class="i-airline i-airline-hu"></i> Hainan Airlines
Transavia Airlines HV <i class="i-airline i-airline-hv"></i> Transavia Airlines
Trans North Aviation HX <i class="i-airline i-airline-hx"></i> Trans North Aviation
Hong Kong Airlines HX <i class="i-airline i-airline-hx"></i> Hong Kong Airlines
Uzbekistan Airways HY <i class="i-airline i-airline-hy"></i> Uzbekistan Airways
Aurora Airlines HZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-hz"></i> Aurora Airlines
SAT Airlines HZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-hz"></i> SAT Airlines
Iberia Express I2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-i2"></i> Iberia Express
I-Fly I4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-i4"></i> I-Fly
Island Air Express I4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-i4"></i> Island Air Express
AirAsia India I5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-i5"></i> AirAsia India
Izhavia I8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-i8"></i> Izhavia
Iraqi Airways IA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ia"></i> Iraqi Airways
Iberia IB <i class="i-airline i-airline-ib"></i> Iberia
Air Normandie ID <i class="i-airline i-airline-id"></i> Air Normandie
Batik Air ID <i class="i-airline i-airline-id"></i> Batik Air
Alisarda IG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ig"></i> Alisarda
Meridiana IG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ig"></i> Meridiana
IKAR IK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ik"></i> IKAR
Imair Airlines IK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ik"></i> Imair Airlines
Istanbul Airlines IL <i class="i-airline i-airline-il"></i> Istanbul Airlines
Trigana Air Service IL <i class="i-airline i-airline-il"></i> Trigana Air Service
Aircompany ATMA IL <i class="i-airline i-airline-il"></i> Aircompany ATMA
Macedonian Airlines MAT IN <i class="i-airline i-airline-in"></i> Macedonian Airlines MAT
NAM Air IN <i class="i-airline i-airline-in"></i> NAM Air
Augsburg Airways IQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-iq"></i> Augsburg Airways
Qazaq Air IQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-iq"></i> Qazaq Air
Iran Air IR <i class="i-airline i-airline-ir"></i> Iran Air
Island Airlines IS <i class="i-airline i-airline-is"></i> Island Airlines
Sunways Intersun IS <i class="i-airline i-airline-is"></i> Sunways Intersun
Air Inter IT <i class="i-airline i-airline-it"></i> Air Inter
Kingfisher Airlines IT <i class="i-airline i-airline-it"></i> Kingfisher Airlines
Tigerair Taiwan IT <i class="i-airline i-airline-it"></i> Tigerair Taiwan
VG Airlines IV <i class="i-airline i-airline-iv"></i> VG Airlines
VVB Aviation Malta IV <i class="i-airline i-airline-iv"></i> VVB Aviation Malta
Wind Jet IV <i class="i-airline i-airline-iv"></i> Wind Jet
Air Lib IW <i class="i-airline i-airline-iw"></i> Air Lib
AOM French Airlines IW <i class="i-airline i-airline-iw"></i> AOM French Airlines
Wings Abadi Airlines IW <i class="i-airline i-airline-iw"></i> Wings Abadi Airlines
Yemenia IY <i class="i-airline i-airline-iy"></i> Yemenia
Arkia Israeli Airlines IZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-iz"></i> Arkia Israeli Airlines
Azerbaijan Airlines J2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j2"></i> Azerbaijan Airlines
Northwestern Air J3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j3"></i> Northwestern Air
Alaska Seaplane Service J5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j5"></i> Alaska Seaplane Service
Centre-Avia J7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j7"></i> Centre-Avia
ValuJet J7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j7"></i> ValuJet
Berjaya Air J8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j8"></i> Berjaya Air
Jazeera Airways J9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-j9"></i> Jazeera Airways
Air Bosna JA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ja"></i> Air Bosna
B&H Airlines JA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ja"></i> B&H Airlines
Japan Air System JD <i class="i-airline i-airline-jd"></i> Japan Air System
Beijing Capital Airlines JD <i class="i-airline i-airline-jd"></i> Beijing Capital Airlines
Jettainer JE <i class="i-airline i-airline-je"></i> Jettainer
Mango JE <i class="i-airline i-airline-je"></i> Mango
Manx Airlines JE <i class="i-airline i-airline-je"></i> Manx Airlines
Jetairfly JF <i class="i-airline i-airline-jf"></i> Jetairfly
LAB Flying Service JF <i class="i-airline i-airline-jf"></i> LAB Flying Service
Jetgo Australia JG <i class="i-airline i-airline-jg"></i> Jetgo Australia
TAM Linhas Aéreas JJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-jj"></i> TAM Linhas Aéreas
LATAM Brasil JJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-jj"></i> LATAM Brasil
Japan Airlines JL <i class="i-airline i-airline-jl"></i> Japan Airlines
JALways JO <i class="i-airline i-airline-jo"></i> JALways
Adria Airways JP <i class="i-airline i-airline-jp"></i> Adria Airways
Inex-Adria Aviopromet JP <i class="i-airline i-airline-jp"></i> Inex-Adria Aviopromet
Air Jamaica Express JQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-jq"></i> Air Jamaica Express
Jetstar Airways JQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-jq"></i> Jetstar Airways
Alba Star JQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-jq"></i> Alba Star
Aero California JR <i class="i-airline i-airline-jr"></i> Aero California
Joy Air JR <i class="i-airline i-airline-jr"></i> Joy Air
Lion Air JT <i class="i-airline i-airline-jt"></i> Lion Air
Transair JT <i class="i-airline i-airline-jt"></i> Transair
Air Serbia JU <i class="i-airline i-airline-ju"></i> Air Serbia
JAT Airways JU <i class="i-airline i-airline-ju"></i> JAT Airways
Jugoslovenski Aerotransport JU <i class="i-airline i-airline-ju"></i> Jugoslovenski Aerotransport
Bearskin Airlines JV <i class="i-airline i-airline-jv"></i> Bearskin Airlines
Arrow Air JW <i class="i-airline i-airline-jw"></i> Arrow Air
Skippers Aviation JW <i class="i-airline i-airline-jw"></i> Skippers Aviation
Vanilla Air JW <i class="i-airline i-airline-jw"></i> Vanilla Air
Inter Caribbean Airways JY <i class="i-airline i-airline-jy"></i> Inter Caribbean Airways
EuroLOT K2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k2"></i> EuroLOT
SAC K3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k3"></i> SAC
Taquan Air K3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k3"></i> Taquan Air
SeaPort Airlines K5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k5"></i> SeaPort Airlines
Wings of Alaska K5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k5"></i> Wings of Alaska
Cambodia Angkor Air K6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k6"></i> Cambodia Angkor Air
Khalifa Airways K6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k6"></i> Khalifa Airways
Air KBZ K7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k7"></i> Air KBZ
Sakha Avia K7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k7"></i> Sakha Avia
InterJet West K8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k8"></i> InterJet West
Kan Air K8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k8"></i> Kan Air
Zambia Skyways K8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-k8"></i> Zambia Skyways
Cathay Dragon KA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ka"></i> Cathay Dragon
Drukair KB <i class="i-airline i-airline-kb"></i> Drukair
Air Astana KC <i class="i-airline i-airline-kc"></i> Air Astana
Conair of Scandinavia KC <i class="i-airline i-airline-kc"></i> Conair of Scandinavia
Kal Star Aviation KD <i class="i-airline i-airline-kd"></i> Kal Star Aviation
KD Avia KD <i class="i-airline i-airline-kd"></i> KD Avia
Kendell Airlines KD <i class="i-airline i-airline-kd"></i> Kendell Airlines
Regional Express Airlines KD <i class="i-airline i-airline-kd"></i> Regional Express Airlines
Western Global Airlines KD <i class="i-airline i-airline-kd"></i> Western Global Airlines
Korean Air KE <i class="i-airline i-airline-ke"></i> Korean Air
Air Botnia KF <i class="i-airline i-airline-kf"></i> Air Botnia
Blue1 KF <i class="i-airline i-airline-kf"></i> Blue1
Caledonian Airways KG <i class="i-airline i-airline-kg"></i> Caledonian Airways
Key Lime Air KG <i class="i-airline i-airline-kg"></i> Key Lime Air
Línea Aérea IAACA (LAI) KG <i class="i-airline i-airline-kg"></i> Línea Aérea IAACA (LAI)
Orion Airways KG <i class="i-airline i-airline-kg"></i> Orion Airways
Adam Air KI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ki"></i> Adam Air
Contact Air KI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ki"></i> Contact Air
KrasAvia KI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ki"></i> KrasAvia
Air Incheon KJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-kj"></i> Air Incheon
British Mediterranean Airways KJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-kj"></i> British Mediterranean Airways
Sultan Air KJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-kj"></i> Sultan Air
AtlasGlobal KK <i class="i-airline i-airline-kk"></i> AtlasGlobal
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines KL <i class="i-airline i-airline-kl"></i> KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
Air Malta KM <i class="i-airline i-airline-km"></i> Air Malta
China United Airlines KN <i class="i-airline i-airline-kn"></i> China United Airlines
Maroomba Airlines KN <i class="i-airline i-airline-kn"></i> Maroomba Airlines
Moris Air KN <i class="i-airline i-airline-kn"></i> Moris Air
Asky KP <i class="i-airline i-airline-kp"></i> Asky
Kenya Airways KQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-kq"></i> Kenya Airways
Air Bishkek KR <i class="i-airline i-airline-kr"></i> Air Bishkek
Karair KR <i class="i-airline i-airline-kr"></i> Karair
Kitty Hawk Air Cargo KR <i class="i-airline i-airline-kr"></i> Kitty Hawk Air Cargo
Kuwait Airways KU <i class="i-airline i-airline-ku"></i> Kuwait Airways
Cayman Airways KX <i class="i-airline i-airline-kx"></i> Cayman Airways
Afric Aviation L8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-l8"></i> Afric Aviation
LAN Airlines LA <i class="i-airline i-airline-la"></i> LAN Airlines
Lan Chile LA <i class="i-airline i-airline-la"></i> Lan Chile
Air Costa LB <i class="i-airline i-airline-lb"></i> Air Costa
Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano LB <i class="i-airline i-airline-lb"></i> Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano
Corporate Flight Management LF <i class="i-airline i-airline-lf"></i> Corporate Flight Management
Linair LF <i class="i-airline i-airline-lf"></i> Linair
Linjeflyg LF <i class="i-airline i-airline-lf"></i> Linjeflyg
Luxair LG <i class="i-airline i-airline-lg"></i> Luxair
Lufthansa LH <i class="i-airline i-airline-lh"></i> Lufthansa
Lufthansa Cargo LH <i class="i-airline i-airline-lh"></i> Lufthansa Cargo
Lufthansa Italia LH <i class="i-airline i-airline-lh"></i> Lufthansa Italia
LIAT LI <i class="i-airline i-airline-li"></i> LIAT
Jin Air LJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-lj"></i> Jin Air
Sierra National Airlines LJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-lj"></i> Sierra National Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines / Polskie Linie Lotnicze LO <i class="i-airline i-airline-lo"></i> LOT Polish Airlines / Polskie Linie Lotnicze
LAN Perú LP <i class="i-airline i-airline-lp"></i> LAN Perú
Avianca Costa Rica LR <i class="i-airline i-airline-lr"></i> Avianca Costa Rica
Lacsa LR <i class="i-airline i-airline-lr"></i> Lacsa
Channel Express LS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ls"></i> Channel Express
Iliamna Air Taxi LS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ls"></i> Iliamna Air Taxi LS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ls"></i>
Air Lituanica LT <i class="i-airline i-airline-lt"></i> Air Lituanica
LTU LT <i class="i-airline i-airline-lt"></i> LTU
LAN Express LU <i class="i-airline i-airline-lu"></i> LAN Express
Albanian Airlines LV <i class="i-airline i-airline-lv"></i> Albanian Airlines
Latavio LV <i class="i-airline i-airline-lv"></i> Latavio
Mega Maldives Airlines LV <i class="i-airline i-airline-lv"></i> Mega Maldives Airlines
Crossair LX <i class="i-airline i-airline-lx"></i> Crossair
Swiss International Air Lines LX <i class="i-airline i-airline-lx"></i> Swiss International Air Lines
El Al LY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ly"></i> El Al
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines LZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-lz"></i> Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
Belle Air LZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-lz"></i> Belle Air
Aero Mongolia M0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m0"></i> Aero Mongolia
Mahfooz Aviation M2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m2"></i> Mahfooz Aviation
MHS Aviation M2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m2"></i> MHS Aviation
Millon Express M2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m2"></i> Millon Express
North Flying M3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m3"></i> North Flying
TAM Cargo M3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m3"></i> TAM Cargo
Avioimpex M4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m4"></i> Avioimpex
Mistral Air M4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m4"></i> Mistral Air
Kenmore Air M5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m5"></i> Kenmore Air
ModiLuft M9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m9"></i> ModiLuft
Motor Sich Airlines M9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-m9"></i> Motor Sich Airlines
Air Mobility Command MC <i class="i-airline i-airline-mc"></i> Air Mobility Command
Air Madagascar MD <i class="i-airline i-airline-md"></i> Air Madagascar
Middle East Airlines (MEA) ME <i class="i-airline i-airline-me"></i> Middle East Airlines (MEA)
Xiamen Airlines MF <i class="i-airline i-airline-mf"></i> Xiamen Airlines
Malaysia Airlines MH <i class="i-airline i-airline-mh"></i> Malaysia Airlines
Silk Air MI <i class="i-airline i-airline-mi"></i> Silk Air
LAPA MJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-mj"></i> LAPA
Mihin Lanka MJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-mj"></i> Mihin Lanka
Air Méditerranée ML <i class="i-airline i-airline-ml"></i> Air Méditerranée
Midway Airlines ML <i class="i-airline i-airline-ml"></i> Midway Airlines
Olympic Aviation ML <i class="i-airline i-airline-ml"></i> Olympic Aviation
Euroatlantic Airways MM <i class="i-airline i-airline-mm"></i> Euroatlantic Airways
Peach Aviation MM <i class="i-airline i-airline-mm"></i> Peach Aviation
SAM Colombia MM <i class="i-airline i-airline-mm"></i> SAM Colombia
Kulula MN <i class="i-airline i-airline-mn"></i> Kulula
Envoy Air MQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-mq"></i> Envoy Air
American Eagle Airlines MQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-mq"></i> American Eagle Airlines
Simmons Airlines MQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-mq"></i> Simmons Airlines
Air Mauritanie MR <i class="i-airline i-airline-mr"></i> Air Mauritanie
Hunnu Air MR <i class="i-airline i-airline-mr"></i> Hunnu Air
Egypt Air MS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ms"></i> Egypt Air
Flying Colours Airlines MT <i class="i-airline i-airline-mt"></i> Flying Colours Airlines
JMC Airlines MT <i class="i-airline i-airline-mt"></i> JMC Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines UK MT <i class="i-airline i-airline-mt"></i> Thomas Cook Airlines UK
China Eastern Airlines MU <i class="i-airline i-airline-mu"></i> China Eastern Airlines
Manas Air MV <i class="i-airline i-airline-mv"></i> Manas Air
Maya Island Air MW <i class="i-airline i-airline-mw"></i> Maya Island Air
Mokulele Airlines MW <i class="i-airline i-airline-mw"></i> Mokulele Airlines
Nordwind Airlines N4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n4"></i> Nordwind Airlines
National Airlines N7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n7"></i> National Airlines
Neptune Air N7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n7"></i> Neptune Air
Nordic East Airways N7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n7"></i> Nordic East Airways
Nordic Regional Airlines N7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n7"></i> Nordic Regional Airlines
National Airlines (2007) N8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n8"></i> National Airlines (2007)
Norwegian Air Shuttle N8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n8"></i> Norwegian Air Shuttle
Air Åland N9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n9"></i> Air Åland
Kabo Air N9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n9"></i> Kabo Air
Novair N9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-n9"></i> Novair
Nesma Airlines NE <i class="i-airline i-airline-ne"></i> Nesma Airlines
Northeast Airlines NE <i class="i-airline i-airline-ne"></i> Northeast Airlines
Aero Contractors NG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ng"></i> Aero Contractors
Lauda Air NG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ng"></i> Lauda Air
All Nippon Airways NH <i class="i-airline i-airline-nh"></i> All Nippon Airways
Portugália Airlines NI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ni"></i> Portugália Airlines
Spirit Airlines NK <i class="i-airline i-airline-nk"></i> Spirit Airlines
Shaheen Air International NL <i class="i-airline i-airline-nl"></i> Shaheen Air International
VIM Airlines NN <i class="i-airline i-airline-nn"></i> VIM Airlines
Neos NO <i class="i-airline i-airline-no"></i> Neos
Niger Air Cargo NO <i class="i-airline i-airline-no"></i> Niger Air Cargo
Eurowings NS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ns"></i> Eurowings
Hebei Airlines NS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ns"></i> Hebei Airlines
Northeast Airlines NS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ns"></i> Northeast Airlines
Northeast Airlines NS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ns"></i> Northeast Airlines
Nürnberger Flugdienst NS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ns"></i> Nürnberger Flugdienst
Binter Canarias NT <i class="i-airline i-airline-nt"></i> Binter Canarias
Air Macau NX <i class="i-airline i-airline-nx"></i> Air Macau
Air Iceland NY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ny"></i> Air Iceland
New York Air NY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ny"></i> New York Air
Air New Zealand NZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-nz"></i> Air New Zealand
Antrak Air O4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o4"></i> Antrak Air
Avianca Brazil O6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o6"></i> Avianca Brazil
OceanAir O6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o6"></i> OceanAir
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines O8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o8"></i> Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
Siam Air Transport O8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o8"></i> Siam Air Transport
Nova Airways O9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-o9"></i> Nova Airways
Olympic Air OA <i class="i-airline i-airline-oa"></i> Olympic Air
Olympic Airlines OA <i class="i-airline i-airline-oa"></i> Olympic Airlines
Olympic Airways OA <i class="i-airline i-airline-oa"></i> Olympic Airways
Boliviana de Aviación OB <i class="i-airline i-airline-ob"></i> Boliviana de Aviación
Malindo Air OD <i class="i-airline i-airline-od"></i> Malindo Air
Fly Jamaica Airways OJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-oj"></i> Fly Jamaica Airways
CSA Czech Airlines OK <i class="i-airline i-airline-ok"></i> CSA Czech Airlines
MIAT Mongolian Airlines OM <i class="i-airline i-airline-om"></i> MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Air Nauru ON <i class="i-airline i-airline-on"></i> Air Nauru
Nauru Airlines ON <i class="i-airline i-airline-on"></i> Nauru Airlines
Our Airline ON <i class="i-airline i-airline-on"></i> Our Airline
Chongqing Airlines OQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-oq"></i> Chongqing Airlines
Sunrise Airlines OQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-oq"></i> Sunrise Airlines
TUI Airlines Nederland OR <i class="i-airline i-airline-or"></i> TUI Airlines Nederland
Austrian Airlines OS <i class="i-airline i-airline-os"></i> Austrian Airlines
Aeropelican Air Services OT <i class="i-airline i-airline-ot"></i> Aeropelican Air Services
Croatia Airlines OU <i class="i-airline i-airline-ou"></i> Croatia Airlines
Aéromaritime International OV <i class="i-airline i-airline-ov"></i> Aéromaritime International
Estonian Air OV <i class="i-airline i-airline-ov"></i> Estonian Air
Orient Thai Airlines OX <i class="i-airline i-airline-ox"></i> Orient Thai Airlines
Andes Líneas Aéreas OY <i class="i-airline i-airline-oy"></i> Andes Líneas Aéreas
Omni Air International OY <i class="i-airline i-airline-oy"></i> Omni Air International
Asiana Airlines OZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-oz"></i> Asiana Airlines
Proflight Zambia P0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p0"></i> Proflight Zambia
AirKenya Express P2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p2"></i> AirKenya Express
Tyumenaviatrans Aviation P2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p2"></i> Tyumenaviatrans Aviation
UTair P2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p2"></i> UTair
Aerolíneas Sosa P4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p4"></i> Aerolíneas Sosa
AeroRepública P5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p5"></i> AeroRepública
Copa Airlines Colombia P5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p5"></i> Copa Airlines Colombia
Asia Pacific Airlines P9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p9"></i> Asia Pacific Airlines
Peruvian Airlines P9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p9"></i> Peruvian Airlines
Pro Air P9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-p9"></i> Pro Air
Panair do Brasil PB <i class="i-airline i-airline-pb"></i> Panair do Brasil
Provincial Airlines PB <i class="i-airline i-airline-pb"></i> Provincial Airlines
Air Fiji PC <i class="i-airline i-airline-pc"></i> Air Fiji
Continental Airways PC <i class="i-airline i-airline-pc"></i> Continental Airways
Envirotainer PC <i class="i-airline i-airline-pc"></i> Envirotainer
Pacific Air Lines PC <i class="i-airline i-airline-pc"></i> Pacific Air Lines
Pegasus Airlines PC <i class="i-airline i-airline-pc"></i> Pegasus Airlines
Porter Airlines PD <i class="i-airline i-airline-pd"></i> Porter Airlines
Palestinian Airlines PF <i class="i-airline i-airline-pf"></i> Palestinian Airlines
Primera Air Scandinavia PF <i class="i-airline i-airline-pf"></i> Primera Air Scandinavia
Bangkok Airways PG <i class="i-airline i-airline-pg"></i> Bangkok Airways
Air St. Pierre PJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-pj"></i> Air St. Pierre
Pakistan International Airlines PK <i class="i-airline i-airline-pk"></i> Pakistan International Airlines
Aeroperú PL <i class="i-airline i-airline-pl"></i> Aeroperú
Southern Air Charter PL <i class="i-airline i-airline-pl"></i> Southern Air Charter
Canary Fly PM <i class="i-airline i-airline-pm"></i> Canary Fly
Prescott Support PM <i class="i-airline i-airline-pm"></i> Prescott Support
Tropic Air PM <i class="i-airline i-airline-pm"></i> Tropic Air
AirAsia Philippines PQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-pq"></i> AirAsia Philippines
Philippine Airlines PR <i class="i-airline i-airline-pr"></i> Philippine Airlines
Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) PS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ps"></i> Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)
Ukraine International Airlines PS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ps"></i> Ukraine International Airlines
Eastern Provincial Airways PV <i class="i-airline i-airline-pv"></i> Eastern Provincial Airways
PrivatAir PV <i class="i-airline i-airline-pv"></i> PrivatAir
Saint Barth Commuter PV <i class="i-airline i-airline-pv"></i> Saint Barth Commuter
German Wings PW <i class="i-airline i-airline-pw"></i> German Wings
Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) PW <i class="i-airline i-airline-pw"></i> Pacific Western Airlines (PWA)
Precision Air PW <i class="i-airline i-airline-pw"></i> Precision Air
Air Niugini PX <i class="i-airline i-airline-px"></i> Air Niugini
Surinam Airways PY <i class="i-airline i-airline-py"></i> Surinam Airways
TAM Airlines PZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-pz"></i> TAM Airlines
Aerocaribe QA <i class="i-airline i-airline-qa"></i> Aerocaribe
Cimber QA <i class="i-airline i-airline-qa"></i> Cimber
Click Mexicana QA <i class="i-airline i-airline-qa"></i> Click Mexicana
MexicanaClick QA <i class="i-airline i-airline-qa"></i> MexicanaClick
Air Congo QC <i class="i-airline i-airline-qc"></i> Air Congo
Air Zaire QC <i class="i-airline i-airline-qc"></i> Air Zaire
Aviation Quebec Labrador QC <i class="i-airline i-airline-qc"></i> Aviation Quebec Labrador
Camair-Co QC <i class="i-airline i-airline-qc"></i> Camair-Co
JetConnect QF <i class="i-airline i-airline-qf"></i> JetConnect
Qantas Airways QF <i class="i-airline i-airline-qf"></i> Qantas Airways
Citilink QG <i class="i-airline i-airline-qg"></i> Citilink
Delta Air Transport QG <i class="i-airline i-airline-qg"></i> Delta Air Transport
Dynamic Airlines QG <i class="i-airline i-airline-qg"></i> Dynamic Airlines
Air Florida QH <i class="i-airline i-airline-qh"></i> Air Florida
Air Kyrgyzstan QH <i class="i-airline i-airline-qh"></i> Air Kyrgyzstan
Pel-Air QH <i class="i-airline i-airline-qh"></i> Pel-Air
Aéromaritime QK <i class="i-airline i-airline-qk"></i> Aéromaritime
Jazz Aviation QK <i class="i-airline i-airline-qk"></i> Jazz Aviation
LASER Airlines QL <i class="i-airline i-airline-ql"></i> LASER Airlines
Lesotho Airways QL <i class="i-airline i-airline-ql"></i> Lesotho Airways
Air Malawi QM <i class="i-airline i-airline-qm"></i> Air Malawi
Monacair QM <i class="i-airline i-airline-qm"></i> Monacair
Alliance Airlines QQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-qq"></i> Alliance Airlines
Reno Air QQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-qq"></i> Reno Air
Qatar Airways QR <i class="i-airline i-airline-qr"></i> Qatar Airways
Smart Wings QS <i class="i-airline i-airline-qs"></i> Smart Wings
Travel Service QS <i class="i-airline i-airline-qs"></i> Travel Service
Azur Air Ukraine QU <i class="i-airline i-airline-qu"></i> Azur Air Ukraine
Uganda Airlines QU <i class="i-airline i-airline-qu"></i> Uganda Airlines
UTair Ukraine QU <i class="i-airline i-airline-qu"></i> UTair Ukraine
Lao Airlines QV <i class="i-airline i-airline-qv"></i> Lao Airlines
Lao Aviation QV <i class="i-airline i-airline-qv"></i> Lao Aviation
Qingdao Airlines QW <i class="i-airline i-airline-qw"></i> Qingdao Airlines
Saarland Airlines QW <i class="i-airline i-airline-qw"></i> Saarland Airlines
Turks And Caicos Airways QW <i class="i-airline i-airline-qw"></i> Turks And Caicos Airways
Horizon Air QX <i class="i-airline i-airline-qx"></i> Horizon Air
Indonesia AirAsia QZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-qz"></i> Indonesia AirAsia
Zapways R1 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r1"></i> Zapways
Orenburg Airlines R2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r2"></i> Orenburg Airlines
Yakutia Airlines R3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r3"></i> Yakutia Airlines
DOT LT R6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r6"></i> DOT LT
Air Srpska R6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r6"></i> Air Srpska
ASERCA Airlines R7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r7"></i> ASERCA Airlines
CHEP Aerospace Solutions R7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-r7"></i> CHEP Aerospace Solutions
Syrian Arab Airlines RB <i class="i-airline i-airline-rb"></i> Syrian Arab Airlines
Atlantic Airways RC <i class="i-airline i-airline-rc"></i> Atlantic Airways
Republic Airlines RC <i class="i-airline i-airline-rc"></i> Republic Airlines
Aer Arann RE <i class="i-airline i-airline-re"></i> Aer Arann
Rotana Jet RG <i class="i-airline i-airline-rg"></i> Rotana Jet
VARIG RG <i class="i-airline i-airline-rg"></i> VARIG
Mandala Airlines RI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ri"></i> Mandala Airlines
Tigerair Mandala RI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ri"></i> Tigerair Mandala
Royal Jordanian (Alia) RJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-rj"></i> Royal Jordanian (Alia)
Airworld RL <i class="i-airline i-airline-rl"></i> Airworld
Royal Flight Airlines RL <i class="i-airline i-airline-rl"></i> Royal Flight Airlines
Royal Phnom Penh Airways RL <i class="i-airline i-airline-rl"></i> Royal Phnom Penh Airways
TAROM RO <i class="i-airline i-airline-ro"></i> TAROM
Swisswings RQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-rq"></i> Swisswings
Kam Air RQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-rq"></i> Kam Air
Air Sahara S2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s2"></i> Air Sahara
JetKonnect S2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s2"></i> JetKonnect
JetLite S2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s2"></i> JetLite
SATA International S4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s4"></i> SATA International
Shuttle America S5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s5"></i> Shuttle America
Small Planet Airlines (Litauen) S5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s5"></i> Small Planet Airlines (Litauen)
S7 Airlines S7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s7"></i> S7 Airlines
Siberia Airlines S7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s7"></i> Siberia Airlines
Elk Airways S8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s8"></i> Elk Airways
Sky Capital Airlines S8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s8"></i> Sky Capital Airlines
Sounds Air S8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s8"></i> Sounds Air
Silk Road Cargo Business S9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s9"></i> Silk Road Cargo Business
Starbow S9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s9"></i> Starbow
Transjet Airways S9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-s9"></i> Transjet Airways
South African Airways SA <i class="i-airline i-airline-sa"></i> South African Airways
Aircalin SB <i class="i-airline i-airline-sb"></i> Aircalin
Sudan Airways SD <i class="i-airline i-airline-sd"></i> Sudan Airways
Samoa Air SE <i class="i-airline i-airline-se"></i> Samoa Air
XL Airways France SE <i class="i-airline i-airline-se"></i> XL Airways France
SpiceJet SG <i class="i-airline i-airline-sg"></i> SpiceJet
Jetsgo SG <i class="i-airline i-airline-sg"></i> Jetsgo
Blue Islands SI <i class="i-airline i-airline-si"></i> Blue Islands
Sierra Pacific Airlines SI <i class="i-airline i-airline-si"></i> Sierra Pacific Airlines
Sriwijaya Air SJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-sj"></i> Sriwijaya Air
SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK <i class="i-airline i-airline-sk"></i> SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Air Sylhet SL <i class="i-airline i-airline-sl"></i> Air Sylhet
Rio Sul SL <i class="i-airline i-airline-sl"></i> Rio Sul
Thai Lion Air SL <i class="i-airline i-airline-sl"></i> Thai Lion Air
Air Cairo SM <i class="i-airline i-airline-sm"></i> Air Cairo
Spirit of Manila Airlines SM <i class="i-airline i-airline-sm"></i> Spirit of Manila Airlines
Sunworld International Airlines SM <i class="i-airline i-airline-sm"></i> Sunworld International Airlines
Swedline SM <i class="i-airline i-airline-sm"></i> Swedline
Brussels Airlines SN <i class="i-airline i-airline-sn"></i> Brussels Airlines
Sabena SN <i class="i-airline i-airline-sn"></i> Sabena
SN Brussels Airlines SN <i class="i-airline i-airline-sn"></i> SN Brussels Airlines
APEX Airlines SO <i class="i-airline i-airline-so"></i> APEX Airlines
Superior Aviation SO <i class="i-airline i-airline-so"></i> Superior Aviation
SATA Air Açores SP <i class="i-airline i-airline-sp"></i> SATA Air Açores
Singapore Airlines SQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-sq"></i> Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines Cargo SQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-sq"></i> Singapore Airlines Cargo
Corsairfly SS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ss"></i> Corsairfly
Corsair International SS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ss"></i> Corsair International
Germania ST <i class="i-airline i-airline-st"></i> Germania
Yanda Airlines ST <i class="i-airline i-airline-st"></i> Yanda Airlines
Aeroflot SU <i class="i-airline i-airline-su"></i> Aeroflot
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) SV <i class="i-airline i-airline-sv"></i> Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)
Air Namibia SW <i class="i-airline i-airline-sw"></i> Air Namibia
Skybus Airlines SX <i class="i-airline i-airline-sx"></i> Skybus Airlines
SkyWork Airlines SX <i class="i-airline i-airline-sx"></i> SkyWork Airlines
Skippers Aviation SY <i class="i-airline i-airline-sy"></i> Skippers Aviation
Sun Country Airlines SY <i class="i-airline i-airline-sy"></i> Sun Country Airlines
China Southwest Airlines SZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-sz"></i> China Southwest Airlines
Somon Air SZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-sz"></i> Somon Air
Avianca Perú T0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t0"></i> Avianca Perú
TACA Perú T0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t0"></i> TACA Perú
Eastern Airways T3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t3"></i> Eastern Airways
Hellas Jet T4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t4"></i> Hellas Jet
Rhoades Aviation T4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t4"></i> Rhoades Aviation
Transeast Airlines T4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t4"></i> Transeast Airlines
TRIP Linhas Aéreas T4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t4"></i> TRIP Linhas Aéreas
Turkmenistan Airlines T5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t5"></i> Turkmenistan Airlines
AirSWIFT T6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t6"></i> AirSWIFT
Island Transvoyager T6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t6"></i> Island Transvoyager
Tavrey Airlines T6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-t6"></i> Tavrey Airlines
Avianca El Salvador TA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ta"></i> Avianca El Salvador
TACA TA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ta"></i> TACA
Jetairfly TB <i class="i-airline i-airline-tb"></i> Jetairfly
Trump Shuttle TB <i class="i-airline i-airline-tb"></i> Trump Shuttle
Air Tanzania TC <i class="i-airline i-airline-tc"></i> Air Tanzania
Malmö Aviation TF <i class="i-airline i-airline-tf"></i> Malmö Aviation
Thai Airways International TG <i class="i-airline i-airline-tg"></i> Thai Airways International
British Regional Airlines TH <i class="i-airline i-airline-th"></i> British Regional Airlines
Raya Airways TH <i class="i-airline i-airline-th"></i> Raya Airways
Transmile Air Services TH <i class="i-airline i-airline-th"></i> Transmile Air Services
Baltic International TI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ti"></i> Baltic International
Tailwind Airlines TI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ti"></i> Tailwind Airlines
Texas International Airlines TI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ti"></i> Texas International Airlines
Tol Air Services TI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ti"></i> Tol Air Services
Turkish Airlines TK <i class="i-airline i-airline-tk"></i> Turkish Airlines
Airnorth TL <i class="i-airline i-airline-tl"></i> Airnorth
Chartair TL <i class="i-airline i-airline-tl"></i> Chartair
Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique TM <i class="i-airline i-airline-tm"></i> Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique
Air Tahiti Nui TN <i class="i-airline i-airline-tn"></i> Air Tahiti Nui
Trans Australian Airlines TN <i class="i-airline i-airline-tn"></i> Trans Australian Airlines
President Airlines TO <i class="i-airline i-airline-to"></i> President Airlines
Transavia France TO <i class="i-airline i-airline-to"></i> Transavia France
TAP Portugal TP <i class="i-airline i-airline-tp"></i> TAP Portugal
Transbrasil TT <i class="i-airline i-airline-tt"></i> Transbrasil
Tiger Airways TR <i class="i-airline i-airline-tr"></i> Tiger Airways
Air Transat TS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ts"></i> Air Transat
Air Lithuania TT <i class="i-airline i-airline-tt"></i> Air Lithuania
Tiger Airways Australia TT <i class="i-airline i-airline-tt"></i> Tiger Airways Australia
Tunisair TU <i class="i-airline i-airline-tu"></i> Tunisair
Trans World Airlines (TWA) TW <i class="i-airline i-airline-tw"></i> Trans World Airlines (TWA)
Air Caraïbes TX <i class="i-airline i-airline-tx"></i> Air Caraïbes
Air Calédonie TY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ty"></i> Air Calédonie
Iberworld TY <i class="i-airline i-airline-ty"></i> Iberworld
Air-taxi europe TZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-tz"></i> Air-taxi europe
American Trans Air TZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-tz"></i> American Trans Air
ATA Airlines TZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-tz"></i> ATA Airlines
Scoot TZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-tz"></i> Scoot
EasyJet Airline U2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u2"></i> EasyJet Airline
Buddha Air U4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u4"></i> Buddha Air
International Business Airlines (IBA) U5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u5"></i> International Business Airlines (IBA)
Karinou Airlines U5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u5"></i> Karinou Airlines
USA 3000 Airlines U5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u5"></i> USA 3000 Airlines
Ural Airlines U6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u6"></i> Ural Airlines
Armavia U8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u8"></i> Armavia
Austrian Airtransport U8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u8"></i> Austrian Airtransport
TUS Airways U8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-u8"></i> TUS Airways
United Airlines UA <i class="i-airline i-airline-ua"></i> United Airlines
Myanma Airways UB <i class="i-airline i-airline-ub"></i> Myanma Airways
Myanmar National Airlines UB <i class="i-airline i-airline-ub"></i> Myanmar National Airlines
UM Air UF <i class="i-airline i-airline-uf"></i> UM Air
Sevenair UG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ug"></i> Sevenair
Tuninter UG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ug"></i> Tuninter
Tunisair Express UG <i class="i-airline i-airline-ug"></i> Tunisair Express
AtlasGlobal Ukraine UH <i class="i-airline i-airline-uh"></i> AtlasGlobal Ukraine
Alaska Seaplane Service UI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ui"></i> Alaska Seaplane Service
Auric Air Services UI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ui"></i> Auric Air Services
Eurocypria UI <i class="i-airline i-airline-ui"></i> Eurocypria
AirUK UK <i class="i-airline i-airline-uk"></i> AirUK
Buzz UK <i class="i-airline i-airline-uk"></i> Buzz
KLM UK UK <i class="i-airline i-airline-uk"></i> KLM UK
Vistara UK <i class="i-airline i-airline-uk"></i> Vistara
Air Lanka UL <i class="i-airline i-airline-ul"></i> Air Lanka
SriLankan Airlines UL <i class="i-airline i-airline-ul"></i> SriLankan Airlines
Air Zimbabwe UM <i class="i-airline i-airline-um"></i> Air Zimbabwe
Transaero Airlines UN <i class="i-airline i-airline-un"></i> Transaero Airlines
Bahamasair UP <i class="i-airline i-airline-up"></i> Bahamasair
Hong Kong Express Airways UO <i class="i-airline i-airline-uo"></i> Hong Kong Express Airways
US Airways US <i class="i-airline i-airline-us"></i> US Airways
Union de Transports Aériens (UTA) UT <i class="i-airline i-airline-ut"></i> Union de Transports Aériens (UTA)
UTair UT <i class="i-airline i-airline-ut"></i> UTair
Air Austral UU <i class="i-airline i-airline-uu"></i> Air Austral
Air Europa UX <i class="i-airline i-airline-ux"></i> Air Europa
Conviasa V0 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v0"></i> Conviasa
Carpatair V3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v3"></i> Carpatair
South Airlines V4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v4"></i> South Airlines
Venescar Internacional V4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v4"></i> Venescar Internacional
Venus Airlines V4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v4"></i> Venus Airlines
Air Sénégal International V7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v7"></i> Air Sénégal International
Volotea V7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-v7"></i> Volotea
VIASA VA <i class="i-airline i-airline-va"></i> VIASA
Virgin Australia VA <i class="i-airline i-airline-va"></i> Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia Regional Airlines VA <i class="i-airline i-airline-va"></i> Virgin Australia Regional Airlines
Virgin Blue VA <i class="i-airline i-airline-va"></i> Virgin Blue
Maersk Air VB <i class="i-airline i-airline-vb"></i> Maersk Air
Viva Aerobus VB <i class="i-airline i-airline-vb"></i> Viva Aerobus
British World Airlines VF <i class="i-airline i-airline-vf"></i> British World Airlines
Nevis Express VF <i class="i-airline i-airline-vf"></i> Nevis Express
Valuair VF <i class="i-airline i-airline-vf"></i> Valuair
Air Siam VG <i class="i-airline i-airline-vg"></i> Air Siam
VLM Airlines VG <i class="i-airline i-airline-vg"></i> VLM Airlines
Royal Air Cambodge VJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-vj"></i> Royal Air Cambodge
VietJet Air VJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-vj"></i> VietJet Air
Air Via VL <i class="i-airline i-airline-vl"></i> Air Via
Eagle Air of Iceland VL <i class="i-airline i-airline-vl"></i> Eagle Air of Iceland
Med-View Airline VL <i class="i-airline i-airline-vl"></i> Med-View Airline
North Vancouver Airlines VL <i class="i-airline i-airline-vl"></i> North Vancouver Airlines
Vietnam Airlines VN <i class="i-airline i-airline-vn"></i> Vietnam Airlines
Tyrolean Airways VO <i class="i-airline i-airline-vo"></i> Tyrolean Airways
TACV Cabo Verde Airlines VR <i class="i-airline i-airline-vr"></i> TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
Virgin Atlantic VS <i class="i-airline i-airline-vs"></i> Virgin Atlantic
Air Tahiti VT <i class="i-airline i-airline-vt"></i> Air Tahiti
Aerosvit Airlines VV <i class="i-airline i-airline-vv"></i> Aerosvit Airlines
Aeromar VW <i class="i-airline i-airline-vw"></i> Aeromar
Virgin America VX <i class="i-airline i-airline-vx"></i> Virgin America
Vueling Airlines VY <i class="i-airline i-airline-vy"></i> Vueling Airlines
FlexFlight ApS W2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w2"></i> FlexFlight ApS
Arik Air W3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w3"></i> Arik Air
Aero Services Executive W4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w4"></i> Aero Services Executive
LC Perú W4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w4"></i> LC Perú
M&N Aviation W4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w4"></i> M&N Aviation
Mahan Air W5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w5"></i> Mahan Air
Wizz Air W6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w6"></i> Wizz Air
Sayakhat W7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w7"></i> Sayakhat
Wings of Lebanon W7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w7"></i> Wings of Lebanon
Cargojet Airways W8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w8"></i> Cargojet Airways
Air Bagan W9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-w9"></i> Air Bagan
KLM Cityhopper WA <i class="i-airline i-airline-wa"></i> KLM Cityhopper
Western Airlines WA <i class="i-airline i-airline-wa"></i> Western Airlines
RwandAir WB <i class="i-airline i-airline-wb"></i> RwandAir
Centurion Air Cargo WE <i class="i-airline i-airline-we"></i> Centurion Air Cargo
Challenge Air Cargo WE <i class="i-airline i-airline-we"></i> Challenge Air Cargo
Thai Smile Airways WE <i class="i-airline i-airline-we"></i> Thai Smile Airways
Widerøe’s Flyveselskap WF <i class="i-airline i-airline-wf"></i> Widerøe’s Flyveselskap
Sunwing Airlines WG <i class="i-airline i-airline-wg"></i> Sunwing Airlines
Wasaya Airways WG <i class="i-airline i-airline-wg"></i> Wasaya Airways
Sky Lease Cargo WI <i class="i-airline i-airline-wi"></i> Sky Lease Cargo
Tradewinds Airlines WI <i class="i-airline i-airline-wi"></i> Tradewinds Airlines
White Airways WI <i class="i-airline i-airline-wi"></i> White Airways
Air Labrador WJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-wj"></i> Air Labrador
Active Air WK <i class="i-airline i-airline-wk"></i> Active Air
American Falcon WK <i class="i-airline i-airline-wk"></i> American Falcon
Edelweiss Air WK <i class="i-airline i-airline-wk"></i> Edelweiss Air
Greenair WK <i class="i-airline i-airline-wk"></i> Greenair
Aeroperlas WL <i class="i-airline i-airline-wl"></i> Aeroperlas
Lao Air Lines WL <i class="i-airline i-airline-wl"></i> Lao Air Lines
Southwest Airlines WN <i class="i-airline i-airline-wn"></i> Southwest Airlines
Island Air WP <i class="i-airline i-airline-wp"></i> Island Air
Westjet Airlines WS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ws"></i> Westjet Airlines
Wizz Air Ukraine WU <i class="i-airline i-airline-wu"></i> Wizz Air Ukraine
Wuhan Airlines WU <i class="i-airline i-airline-wu"></i> Wuhan Airlines
bmibaby WW <i class="i-airline i-airline-ww"></i> bmibaby
WOW air WW <i class="i-airline i-airline-ww"></i> WOW air
Cityjet WX <i class="i-airline i-airline-wx"></i> Cityjet
Oman Air WY <i class="i-airline i-airline-wy"></i> Oman Air
Acvila Air WZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-wz"></i> Acvila Air
JeTran Air WZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-wz"></i> JeTran Air
Red Wings Airlines WZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-wz"></i> Red Wings Airlines
Hapag-Lloyd Express X3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x3"></i> Hapag-Lloyd Express
TUIfly X3 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x3"></i> TUIfly
Avion Express X9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x9"></i> Avion Express
Khors Air Company X9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x9"></i> Khors Air Company
Omni Air International X9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x9"></i> Omni Air International
Avion Express X9 <i class="i-airline i-airline-x9"></i> Avion Express
Corendon Airlines XC <i class="i-airline i-airline-xc"></i> Corendon Airlines
KD Air XC <i class="i-airline i-airline-xc"></i> KD Air
Vladivostok Avia XF <i class="i-airline i-airline-xf"></i> Vladivostok Avia
Clickair XG <i class="i-airline i-airline-xg"></i> Clickair
Sunexpress Deutschland XG <i class="i-airline i-airline-xg"></i> Sunexpress Deutschland
Mesaba Airlines XJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-xj"></i> Mesaba Airlines
Thai AirAsia X XJ <i class="i-airline i-airline-xj"></i> Thai AirAsia X
CCM Airlines XK <i class="i-airline i-airline-xk"></i> CCM Airlines
Air Corsica XK <i class="i-airline i-airline-xk"></i> Air Corsica
Country Connection Airlines XL <i class="i-airline i-airline-xl"></i> Country Connection Airlines
LAN Ecuador XL <i class="i-airline i-airline-xl"></i> LAN Ecuador
Pro Air XL <i class="i-airline i-airline-xl"></i> Pro Air
Axon Airlines XN <i class="i-airline i-airline-xn"></i> Axon Airlines
Sunexpress XQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-xq"></i> Sunexpress
Virgin Australia Regional Airlines XR <i class="i-airline i-airline-xr"></i> Virgin Australia Regional Airlines
Skywest Airlines XR <i class="i-airline i-airline-xr"></i> Skywest Airlines
Indonesia AirAsia X XT <i class="i-airline i-airline-xt"></i> Indonesia AirAsia X
NokScoot XW <i class="i-airline i-airline-xw"></i> NokScoot
SkyExpress XW <i class="i-airline i-airline-xw"></i> SkyExpress
Flynas XY <i class="i-airline i-airline-xy"></i> Flynas
Kayala Airline XY <i class="i-airline i-airline-xy"></i> Kayala Airline
South African Express Airways XZ <i class="i-airline i-airline-xz"></i> South African Express Airways
Volaris Y4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-y4"></i> Volaris
Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5 <i class="i-airline i-airline-y5"></i> Golden Myanmar Airlines
Med Airways Y7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-y7"></i> Med Airways
NordStar Y7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-y7"></i> NordStar
Silverjet Y7 <i class="i-airline i-airline-y7"></i> Silverjet
Borajet YB <i class="i-airline i-airline-yb"></i> Borajet
South African Express Airways YB <i class="i-airline i-airline-yb"></i> South African Express Airways
Flight West Airlines YC <i class="i-airline i-airline-yc"></i> Flight West Airlines
Yamal Airlines YC <i class="i-airline i-airline-yc"></i> Yamal Airlines
Yanair YE <i class="i-airline i-airline-ye"></i> Yanair
Sunsplash Aviation YH <i class="i-airline i-airline-yh"></i> Sunsplash Aviation
Yangon Airways YH <i class="i-airline i-airline-yh"></i> Yangon Airways
Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları (KTHY) YK <i class="i-airline i-airline-yk"></i> Kıbrıs Türk Hava Yolları (KTHY)
Avia Traffic Company YK <i class="i-airline i-airline-yk"></i> Avia Traffic Company
Montenegro Airlines YM <i class="i-airline i-airline-ym"></i> Montenegro Airlines
Air Creebec YN <i class="i-airline i-airline-yn"></i> Air Creebec
Helikopterservice Euro Air YQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-yq"></i> Helikopterservice Euro Air
Polet Airlines YQ <i class="i-airline i-airline-yq"></i> Polet Airlines
HOP!-Régional YS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ys"></i> HOP!-Régional
Régional YS <i class="i-airline i-airline-ys"></i> Régional
Air Togo YT <i class="i-airline i-airline-yt"></i> Air Togo
go! YV <i class="i-airline i-airline-yv"></i> go!
Mesa Airlines YV <i class="i-airline i-airline-yv"></i> Mesa Airlines
Air Nostrum YW <i class="i-airline i-airline-yw"></i> Air Nostrum
AirAsia Zest Z2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z2"></i> AirAsia Zest
Zhongyuan Airlines Z2 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z2"></i> Zhongyuan Airlines
Zagrosjet Z4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z4"></i> Zagrosjet
Zoom Airlines Z4 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z4"></i> Zoom Airlines
Dniproavia Z6 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z6"></i> Dniproavia
Línea Aérea Amaszonas Z8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z8"></i> Línea Aérea Amaszonas
Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise Z8 <i class="i-airline i-airline-z8"></i> Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise
Astair Airlines ZA <i class="i-airline i-airline-za"></i> Astair Airlines
Interavia Airlines ZA <i class="i-airline i-airline-za"></i> Interavia Airlines
Sky Angkor Airlines ZA <i class="i-airline i-airline-za"></i> Sky Angkor Airlines
Air Bourbon ZB <i class="i-airline i-airline-zb"></i> Air Bourbon
Monarch Airlines ZB <i class="i-airline i-airline-zb"></i> Monarch Airlines
Eastar Jet ZE <i class="i-airline i-airline-ze"></i> Eastar Jet
Athens Airways ZF <i class="i-airline i-airline-zf"></i> Athens Airways
Azur Air ZF <i class="i-airline i-airline-zf"></i> Azur Air
Safari Express Cargo ZF <i class="i-airline i-airline-zf"></i> Safari Express Cargo
Groznyy Avia ZG <i class="i-airline i-airline-zg"></i> Groznyy Avia
Shenzhen Airlines ZH <i class="i-airline i-airline-zh"></i> Shenzhen Airlines
Aigle Azur ZI <i class="i-airline i-airline-zi"></i> Aigle Azur
Affretair ZL <i class="i-airline i-airline-zl"></i> Affretair
Hazelton Airlines ZL <i class="i-airline i-airline-zl"></i> Hazelton Airlines
Regional Express (Fluggesellschaft) ZL <i class="i-airline i-airline-zl"></i> Regional Express (Fluggesellschaft)
Air Manas ZM <i class="i-airline i-airline-zm"></i> Air Manas
Scibe Airlift ZM <i class="i-airline i-airline-zm"></i> Scibe Airlift
Eagle Airlines ZN <i class="i-airline i-airline-zn"></i> Eagle Airlines
Naysa ZN <i class="i-airline i-airline-zn"></i> Naysa
Helios Airways ZU <i class="i-airline i-airline-zu"></i> Helios Airways
Air Midwest ZV <i class="i-airline i-airline-zv"></i> Air Midwest
V Air ZV <i class="i-airline i-airline-zv"></i> V Air
Air Georgian ZX <i class="i-airline i-airline-zx"></i> Air Georgian
Sky Airlines ZY <i class="i-airline i-airline-zy"></i> Sky Airlines